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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details


This is a module series in collaboration with the popular Youtube personality Divkid, which has high-quality modular introductions and tutorial videos, and a Eurorack maker. Based on the simple but deep idea by Divkid who knows modularly, we release tags at different paces by combining different modules with different manufacturers.

Divkid Youtube Channel

  • Instruo/Divkid Ochd

    ¥29,900 (Tax excluded ¥27,182)
    In Stock
    A compact analog LFO that can create organic and drifting movements

    MUSICAL FEATURES Ochd is an organic LFO module that Divkid teams up with Instruo and sends out. Ochd can take out 8 speed LFOs at the same time, and the speed gets slower as you go down. The cycles of the LFOs are not synchronized, and they are set so that they ...

  • Instruo/Divkid Ochd Expander

    ¥18,900 (Tax excluded ¥17,182)
    In Stock
    Expander that adds 16 extended CV sources to Instruo ochd

    MUSICAL FEATURES [ø] 4^2 is a unique and useful ochd-specific expander that can create 8 modulation signals by combining and processing the 16 LFO outputs of Instruo ochd.The module consists of the following four sections from top to bottom. • All four...

  • Steady State Fate/Divkid RND STEP

    Out of Stock
    6CH random module combining high precision sample & hold and 3 noises

    MUSICAL FEATURES Rnd Step is a random / sample and hold module with 6 independent noise sources that Divkid has teamed up with Steady State Fate.Each channel has two pink noise sources.Trigger Ta ...

  • Befaco / DivKid Mutes

    ¥19,900 (Tax excluded ¥18,091)
    Equipped with a bactoroll that provides a unique decay. Click-free mute performance module with 3-position switch

    MUSICAL FEATURES Befaco / DivKid Mutes is a 4-channel flexible mute performance tool created in collaboration with DivKid.Each channel has a bactrol-based 3-position mute switch and L ...

  • Apollo View/Divkid Manic

    ¥63,900 (Tax excluded ¥58,091)
    In Stock
    Dual mono/stereo VCA with wavefolder/clipping circuitry with numerous options

    MUSICAL FEATURES A collaboration between DivKid and Apollo View, Manic is an 8HP module for exploring dual mono, mono to stereo, and stereo to stereo modulation and sound shaping. Each channel corresponds to a traditional VCA...

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