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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

patch cable

  • Ad Infinitum Patch Cable

    ¥176 Than (Tax excluded ¥ 160)
    In Stock
    Classic Ad Infinitum patch cable. Sold by the unit

    MUSICAL FEATURES Standard shielded patch cable. It is sold in units of one.

  • Befaco Patch Cable Packs

    ¥2,100 (Tax excluded ¥ 1,909)
    In Stock
    Befaco's high quality patch cable set

    A set of high quality patch cables from MUSICAL FEATURES Befaco.Because it uses a connector with a small diameter, it has excellent visibility and operability.

  • Erica Synths Braided patch cables (5 pcs)

    ¥1,400 Than (Tax excluded ¥ 1,273)
    In Stock
    A set of 5 patch cables with durable braid specifications.You can choose the color and length

    MUSICAL FEATURES A set of 5 high quality braided patch cables for Eurorack modular.It's durable and soft, so it won't get entangled when the case lid is closed, making it suitable for carrying with the system patched.

  • Erica Synths Eurorack patch cables (5 pcs)

    Out of Stock
    Classic Erica Synths patch cable. Sold in packs of 5.

    Set of 5 MUSICAL FEATURES patch cables. The connector is small and thin, making it easy to handle.

  • Make Noise 6" Hot Pink Patch Cable 5-pack

    Out of Stock
    Make Noise custom made, pink patch cable.

    Make Noise A set of 6 pink 15 '' (5cm) patch cables made to order. Made by Ad Infinitum.  

  • Tendrils Right Angled Eurorack Patch Cable (6 pack)

    Out of Stock
    Right angle and low connector patch cable. It is sold as a set of 6

    MUSICAL FEATURES Eurorack patch cable with right angle connector. Its short height makes it hard to touch, and the cable's orientation is easy and it's easy to organize, so it's also effective for patching during performance. Sold as a set of 6 cables.

  • TipTop Audio Stackcable

    ¥1,090 Than (Tax excluded ¥ 991)
    In Stock
    Patch cable that can branch signals! Sold by the unit

    It is a cable that can branch the signal by stacking the cable behind the MUSICAL FEATURES jack.

  • Tiptop Audio White Stackcables 5pcs Set

    ¥4,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 4,455)
    Coming Soon
    White version of the cable that can split the signal. It is a set of 5 pieces.

    MUSICAL FEATURES White version of Tiptop Audio's high quality stacked cable.You can layer and patch to split the signal.

  • Verbos Electronics Patch Cable (5pcs)

    Out of Stock
    Verbos original patch cable

    MUSICAL FEATURES Verbos Electronics Original gold plated specifications, high quality patch cable. Verbos logo on connector part. You can choose from 22 types: 60cm Red, 90cm Gray and 3cm Black.

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