Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 30K+ yen: Details
Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 30K+ yen: Details

Used Purchase Application

We purchase used modules and related products. In addition to modular synths, we will also purchase semi-modular and desktop devices centered on CV operation.Before applyingContact pagePlease send the module list you want to assess from and inquire about the full assessment value.If there is no problem with the price, proceed according to the "purchase application procedure" below.

About trade-in
If you want to purchase our products with second-hand purchase sales, you can use the assessed amount as a trade-inUp 10%To do. In this case, the sales will be sent by email in the form of an electronic gift card (valid for 3 months) that is valid only at our shop. You can use the gift card by entering the code at checkout. It can also be used for a part of payment, and the remaining balance can be used for subsequent payments.

We buy used modules and related items. Semi modulars, voltage-controllable desktop devices, banana systems are also welcome. Before you apply used purchase, please contact us through this page for appraisal of the items. If you're satisfied with the assessed value (at least partially), please go ahead and follow the steps below for purchase.

We offer 10% Increase case assessed value if you like trade-in instead of cash for payment.In case of trade-in, the sales will be paid as an electronic gift card (3 months expiration date) which is delivered through e-mail to you.

Used Purchase Procedure

  1. Please prepare an image of the identity verification document, decide the date and time of collection, and the payment method. You can use your driver's license, Basic Resident Register card, and residence card. If your address is different from your current address, please include a copy of the back of your ID with your current address.
  2. Please fill in the required items on the form below and send it to us to apply for the purchase.You cannot cancel the pickup.
  3. At the specified date and timeFrom our shopRequest a pickup. The customer will pack the product by the pick-up date and time. No need to create a label.
  4. Please hand over your luggage to the collection agent. Will be shipped by cash on delivery.
  5. We will pick up your luggage and send you the assessment result by email. Please reply whether you can buy it.
  6. Payment will be made by bank transfer or gift card (expiration date is 3 months) and details will be sent by email. Customers who do not wish to purchase the product will be responsible for the return shipping fee. Cash on delivery or shipping charges will be deducted from the assessed amount.
  7. At the time of trade-in, it is not possible to reserve the desired product until payment is completed

  1. Prepare photo of your drivers lisence, Basic Resident Register card or residence card for ID which should be submitted in the process of application.
  2. Fill and submit the form below for application. Pick-up cannot be canceled.
  3. We book pick-up at the time-slot you specified through application.Carefully pack item you want to sell.You don't need to create a shipping label.
  4. Ship items. Shipping charge is covered by us.
  5. We will inform you the actual assessed value of your items after we receive and look into them. Please let us know if you're OK with the value.
  6. We pay you through bank transfer or gift card, and send you the detail of the purchase.If we return items you don't like to sell to us, the shipping cost for return shoud be covered by the customer.
  7. Please note that we don't hold products until payment complete.

Second-hand purchase application form / Application Form

Login Then you can fill in part of the form with the registration information.
Login to fill part of the form with your registered info automatically.

Pick-up Address
Only the address listed in the identity verification document is valid

Trade (Payment with giftcard)
Bank transfer / cash