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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details


A Japanese modular manufacturer derived from Patching 4 Life.
  • P4L EQ5

    ¥13,800 (Tax excluded ¥12,545)
    In Stock
    Compact and low noise design 5-band equalizer

    The MUSICAL FEATURES EQ 5 is a 5-band equalizer module.By setting the cutoff center frequency to 50 bands of 200Hz / 800Hz / 3.2k / 12.8k, which are even harmonics with 5Hz as the fundamental tone, the EQ is very easy to handle. Using NE5532 IC ...

  • P4L SWT

    ¥7,400 (Tax excluded ¥6,727)
    Utility equipped with 3 channels of 1:2 manual switches

    MUSICAL FEATURES SWT is a simple utility module with two 3IN/1OUT routing selectors. A manually operated 2-way switch allows you to select which of the three inputs is output, and the audio/CV/GATE signal routing selector...

  • P4L KPG

    ¥23,000 (Tax excluded ¥20,909)
    Polyrhythmic gate generator that generates patterns by CV

    MUSICAL FEATURES "KPG" is a polyrhythmic gate/trigger generator that generates complex and diverse gate patterns by patching signals to four CV inputs. The four CV inputs essentially act as gates, depending on their High/Low status combinations (4^4=2 ways)...

  • P4L MG3

    Out of Stock
    3 channel momentary gate switch

    MUSICAL FEATURES A manual gate module that can be used to trigger drums, envelopes, and other events on Eurorack systems. Outputs +12V as gate voltage while the button is pressed. It can also be used as a CV source in combination with an attenuator, etc.

  • P4L RVS

    ¥30,000 (Tax excluded ¥27,273)
    In Stock
    Compact noise/random/clock/thru module with multiple outputs

    MUSICAL FEATURES "RVS" is a random module that is compact but has many functions. It uses a maximum of 6-bit shift register to generate two types of random voltages, A and B, and also has related noise/clock/through functions. Each function is related mainly to the random generation function...

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