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Modular System

  • Make Noise 0-CTRL

    ¥ 49,390 (Tax excluded ¥ 44,900)
    Standalone, Eurorack compatible modular synth controller with touch plate

    MUSICAL FEATURES 0-CTRL is a patchable, clockable controller / step sequencer designed for voltage control synthesizers. The 0-Coast and patch are designed to be very compatible, but the input / output voltage range is compatible with Eurorack, so other modules ...

  • Make Noise Strega

    ¥ 71,390 (Tax excluded ¥ 64,900)
    Coming Soon
    A new type of stand-alone synthesizer signal processor with Make Noise

    The MUSICAL FEATURES Strega is a new type of electronic musical instrument device jointly developed with Make Noise and Alessandro Cortini.Housed in the same size housing as the company's 0-Coast and 0-Ctrl, Strega features 11 unique golden touch plates, making it faster ...

  • Make Noise 0-Coast

    ¥ 63,580 (Tax excluded ¥ 57,800)
    A semi-modular desktop synth released by Make Noise! MIDI is also available, so it's perfect for getting started with modularity.

    MUSICAL FEATURES * Japanese manual is here. Make Noise is the first standalone desktop synthesizer. While inspired by "East Coast" philosophy including Moog and "West Coast" philosophy such as Buchla / Serge / Wiard, ...

  • Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam

    ¥ 52,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 48,091)
    in Stock
    Unique analog synth groove box with banana cable

    The MUSICAL FEATURES Liquid Foam is a modular monophonic analog groove box that revolves around a dual sequencer designed to support the pursuit of complex rhythm patterns.The connection using the attached banana type patch cable is a simple 4/4 loop ...

  • Erica Synths Pico System III (Desktop)

    ¥ 63,690 (Tax excluded ¥ 57,900)
    A compact, full-analog modular system that demonstrates maximum power through patching. The preset function by the memory card system is also excellent.

    MUSICAL FEATURES Pico System III Compact, full analog modular system. There are desktop version and Eurorack version. Features Pico System III consists of the following sections 2-3-4-step sequencer 2.

  • ALM Busy System Coupe

    ¥ 289,000 (Tax excluded ¥ 262,727)
    Groove Box Modular System from ALM Busy

    MUSICAL FEATURES System Coupe is a groove box modular system sent by ALM Busy. Using an oscillator MCO and a high-performance sampler Squid salmple as the sound source, a clock and LFO that can be flexibly adjusted are created from Pamela's Workout. Also thin ...

  • Make Noise Tape & Microsound Music Machine

    ¥ 284,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 259,000)
    Make Noise's compact modular system that layers and reconstructs captured sound and handles stereo processing up to the final output.

    The MUSICAL FEATURES Tape & Microsound Music Machine is Make Noise's compact synthesizer system.Consisting of stereo modules, this system has the ability to capture external sounds and reshape them into new ones ...

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