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XAOC Devices Batumi

End of production
Easy-to-use compact high-precision 4-channel LFO!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 45mm
Current: 45mA @ + 12V, 15mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)
XAOC Device page(Download the firmware from here)


Batumi is a compact, high-precision 4-channel LFO. It has the following features.
  • 4 LFOs equipped with sliders and corresponding CV controls
  • With a small button in the center,4 modesIs used by switching to global.
  • In addition to SINE / SAW / SQUARE, waveforms set with jumpers can also be output.
  • The RESET / SYNC input is an input trigger of the LFO waveform.Reset(Like a so-called oscillator sync, it resets even in the middle of the waveform.)SyncYou can use a jumper to switch between outputting each waveform (default setting).
  • Zoom functionAllows accurate frequency setting. If you press and hold the center button for a long time, you can set the zoom and fine-tune the frequency.
  • After exiting the zoom setting, the slider position no longer corresponds to the speed. The LED under such channel will blink. Even if you move the slider, the movement of the slider is not reflected until it passes the original position.
  • Equipped with USB connector for firmware update
  • The frequency range that can be set with the slider is 0.01Hz-100. However with Freq CV the range can be extended to 53 minutes-500Hz.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over  

The details of each mode are as follows.
  • FREE:A mode in which four LFOs can independently and continuously change speed. The slider and CV control the speed.
  • QUADRATURE:Each channel outputs four LFOs that are 90 ° out of phase and at the same speed. CH4 controls the LFO speed for the slider and CV, and CH1-2 controls the LFO size for each channel (CH4 cannot control the size). The same phase shift can be achieved in PHASE mode, but the roles of the slider and CV are different.
  • PHASE:The same speed LFO is output from each channel. CH1 controls the LFO speed for the slider and CV, and CH2-4 controls the phase difference (LFO start timing) of CH1 with respect to the LFO.
  • DIVIDE:LFO2 to 4 output LFOs with the speed obtained by clock-dividing LFO1. The number of divisions is 2,3,4,8,16,32 (also described on the face plate). CH1 controls the LFO speed for the slider and CV, and CH2-4 control the number of divisions for CH1. It becomes a clock divider and LFO if a synchronization clock is input to CH1's SYNC input. In DIVIDE mode Zoom, 0 to 3 is added to the number of clock divisions.

Waveform example of each channel for each mode

Batumi outputs a simple waveform, but with the following methodLFO with complex waveformCan also be produced.
  • You can transform the waveform without changing the speed by changing the phase between LFOs or by modulating the phase of a single LFO itself in PHASE mode. (Attenuator is required, but prepare separately or install EXPERT FIRMWARE and access CV attenuator function)
  • You can create more signals by combining multiple external utility modules.There are countless modules available, but logic, offsets, attenuators, sample and hold, comparators, mixers and VCA are useful.
Complex waveforms are useful not only for modulation, but also for sample and hold to use as a sequence CV or to combine with a random voltage to create a generative patch. Batumi is also a great collection of LFOs to start with such patches.

firmware Update

* If you purchased before February 2016, please update by the following method.

Firmware can be updated using the USB (mini-B) jack on the board. Follow the steps below to update. *Please prepare the USB cable, etc. by yourself.
  • XAOC Device pageDownload the firmware from.
  • Batumi is disconnected from the Eurorack power supply with the power off. Do not insert the USB cable yet.
  • Lower all four sliders to the bottom.
  • Only when updating, turn on the "UPDATE" jumper on the back of the board (the jumper used for SYNC etc. may be temporarily used).
  • Start Xaoc Firmware Update Tool Win.exe (Win) or XAOC Firmware Update Tool (Mac) from the downloaded and unzipped Zip file, and proceed according to the instructions. You will be prompted to insert the USB cable into Batumi on the way.
  • When the update is over, remove the jumper from the UPDATE position and return it to the original position if necessary.

Expert Firmware!

Batumi has "Expert Firmware" that has more functions and usability, but it is not installed by default, so you need to install it. XAOC DevicesBatumi's Github pageFrom, download "ALT FIRMWARE" and follow the steps above to install it.

While EXPERT FIRMWARE retains all of its main features, it may contain more bugs than usual. If you have any problems using it, please download "Factory Firmware" from the same page and return it.

The additional functions are as follows. Please also see the dedicated manual included in the firmware Zip file.
  • Random wave output: Press MODE button for 2 seconds to output random wave from SAW output. Random waveform is random type and jumper is used to switch between step / smooth.
  • QUAD mode: From each output, the right LFO (the phase is shifted by 90 degrees) mixed with the slider / CV will be output. The previous QUAD mode is equivalent to raising the slider to the top in PHASE mode
  • Enhanced ZOOM mode: On the ZOOM page, set the following parameters for the slider channel you touched last (common to all modes). Press the MODE button for 0.5 seconds to enter the ZOOM page and adjust each parameter with the slider.
    • Fine adjustment of parameter value controlled by slider or CV (CH1 slider)
    • SINE and SAW output level (CH2 slider). You can set the clock division in QUAD mode
    • Main parameter CV attenuator level (CH3 slider)
    • Output LFO phase (CH4 slider). You can set the clock division in PHASE mode