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Z-DSP is a programming platform that can process and produce audio using DSP programs. In the moduleHall of Valhalla and Dragonfly Delay Mk2It comes with a DSP cartridge, and you can immediately use it to use voltage controlled reverb and delay effects.

Complete Stereo Processing

The Z-DSP has two completely separate inputs, usuallystereoUse as an effect processor for.

Stereo Feedback Paths

またOpen stereo analog feedbackAlso prepared. By processing the signal from the feedback output with another module and then returning it to the feedback input, various feedback sounds can be obtained, and the feedback gain can be controlled by the built-in VCA. Some algorithms may also have special internal feedback handling.

Analog / Digital Voltage Control

Besides analog voltage control of mix and feedback, Z-DSPVoltage control of three program-specific parametersis. The display will tell you what knob parameters 1-3 correspond to the effect.

Voltage-Controlled Clock

In Z-DSP, the program is runningSynchronize clock speed to external signalYou can set it down from the default 32kHz. This slows down the program's sampling rate and can dramatically change the effect you are using. For example, by inputting an oscillator pulse wave to the clock input and controlling the oscillator pitch by voltage, it is possible to indirectly control the sampling rate of the Z-DSP. Depending on how the clock changes, the DSP program may crash. In that case, reload the program.


Insert the supplied cartridge into the DSP card slot with the logo mark facing up. This will load the first of eight programs. After this, even if you remove the card, the currently loaded DSP program will continue to run.


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