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Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms

¥81,900 (Tax excluded ¥74,455)
Eight tracks that can build the rhythm of a full-fledged song, a maximum 8 steps trigger / gate sequencer!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 36HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 160mA @ + 12V, 0mA @ -12V, 0mA @ + 5V
Internal clock jitter: 0.05 ms or less
Latency with external clock: 0.05 ms or less

Manual pdf (English)


Circadian Rhythms (CR) is an 8-channel trigger / gate sequencer that allows step programming of highly complete rhythms in a modular fashion.

Each pattern can perform operations such as repetition / loop / chain / mute / fill in real time through a very easy-to-understand interface. With its multi-colored glowing buttons and epoch-making grid view, Circadian Rhythm plays an active role as a high-performance sequencer that can handle from full-scale rhythm composition to performance.

Also, since it is known to play a central role in the modular system, it can be synchronized with other sequencers by a highly accurate master clock or reset signal. You can also use Tiptop's own Syncbus for synchronization.


In CR, 8 steps are recorded on each track of 8 channels, and the set is recorded.presetcalled.グループCan store up to 8 presets and create up to 8 groups. They can be saved together, and the saved contents will not be lost even if the power is turned off.

For sequences of 8 steps or more, connect presets (loopIt is possible by connecting groups. The preset number of steps is fixed at 8 steps, so the entire loop will always be a multiple of 8 steps unless a reset signal is input. For example, looping 8 presets out of 6 will result in a 48-step sequence. You can create a loop of up to 8 presets x 8 groups, and each preset has 8 steps, so you can program and save up to 8x8x8 = 512 steps.

CR pattern structure. Loop loops through presets or groups that are a collection of 8 channels.


There are 8 views for editing steps and loops: Vertical / 8x4 / 16x2 / 32x1 / 64x6 / Zoom. You can switch views using the buttons in the rightmost column. By switching between these edit views and editing, you can construct patterns very efficiently.
The vertical view is the main view that allows you to perform macro operations such as muting each channel and building loops, and the display is vertical. In Vertical View, you can copy / paste groups, presets, and track patterns all with the same operation. It also supports muting, selective editing of each step, and real-time typing.
For details on the function of each button in Vertical View, also refer to the explanation of each part on the screen.
NxN view is a view for editing the step of each channel individually. The number of display steps for each channel changes depending on the number of channels displayed. The sequence moves laterally. Of course, the reflection made is reflected in any view.
The Zoom view is a view for editing the pattern by shifting it from the grid with a finer precision than the clock.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over  



Loop building allows the CR to create patterns from 8 step presets up to 512 steps. The preset loop can select any preset from the eight presets and play them in sequence, and the group loop can select any group from the eight preset loops and play them in the same way. ON / OFF of the preset loop and group loop can be set independently.
How to make a preset loop
  • -Select Vertical View.
  • -Press the "Set Loop" button to turn it green.
  • -Press a few buttons in the preset row to select the preset you want to include in your loop. The preset button turns green when activated and turns off when removed from the loop. For example, if you select presets 1,4,5, 1 and 4, the loop will play presets 5 → 1 → XNUMX → XNUMX → ...
  • -Press the "Preset Loop On" switch to loop as programmed.
  • -Press the "SET LOOP" button twice to exit the loop preset selection mode.
How to make a group loop
You can edit a group loop by doing the same thing as a preset row in a group. Press the "Group Loop On" button to activate the group loop. The group loop plays the active group in order from the top, but at that time, all the preset loops in each group are played sequentially (when the preset loop is ON).

Edit Tips 1: Fixing presets for editing

Of course, real-time editing is possible during the loop, but the vertical view displays the presets and groups that are currently playing, so switching is quick and it becomes difficult to edit. However, the group button and preset buttonHold the preset to edit by long-pressingHowever, you can switch to the middle stage.

Edit Tips 2: Gate Programming

In CR, ON lasts longer than triggerGate signalYou can also type, and it will be treated like a trigger. To drive in the gate, press and hold the first and last steps of the gate. To erase the gate, press and hold the first step of the gate. If you press a step in the middle of the gate, that step will be erased, and one gate will become two gates.segmentationWill be done. You can edit the gate in any view.

Edit Tip 3: Channel Step Edit

"Channel step editing" is a convenient editing method to reduce copy and paste and create multiple presets. If you edit the step row while pressing the CHANNEL button,For all presets included in the preset loopEdit is applied.


A demonstration of the basic usage of Circadian Rhythms. I'm making kick, synth and maracas patterns with CR. On the 8th channel, we are programming the Maracas accent. I started the preset loop in about 3 minutes.