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Magneto is a high-end effect module with a tape machine motif. Besides the main stereo tape delay and looper functions, it also works as a phase sampler, vintage spring reverb, phase clock multiplier, oscillator, zero latency sub-oscillator, etc. Equipped with CV control.

The main functions and features are as follows.
  • Tape saturation: Magneto doesn't just deliver a warm and comfortable tape delay sound. It can produce high saturation. Raising the REC LVL (record level) knob sends a high signal to the recording head to get the saturation you want. A warmer sound can be added by raising TAPE AGE. You can also add SPRING (Spring Reverb) to add beautiful depth to your modular sound.
  • Self oscillator: If you tap in a fast delay time and raise the REPEATS knob a lot, Magneto will start oscillating. The tone emitted by the SPEED / PITCH knob (or 1V / oct CV) setting and the LOW CUT & TAPE AGE knob control is determined. When you've decided on the tone, press ∞. By switching to PITCH QUONTIZE mode and turning the SPEED knob, you can play the scale set from the 15 pattern scales.
  • Pitch shift delay: When set to Shift mode, a rhythmic pitch delay is created by changing the playback speed of each playhead. Head 1 is 3x octave up and 5th, Head 2 is 2x octave up, Head 3 is 1 / 2x octave down (deep bass sound), Head 4 is a 4-note repeat without pitch shift. To do. In SHIFT mode you can get melodic, rhythmic, loud & deep sounds. In this mode, the unit can also be used as a powerful latency-free sub-oscillator (put the Gate signal into the Restart CV input to blend Head 3 with the dry signal).
  • Spring reverb: Some older tape echo machines used mechanical spring tanks with limited frequency response as reverb. Magneto reproduces this vintage feel and can play beautiful sound together with the delay signal. The gain circuit of this reverb circuit adds a gorgeous, beautiful and spacious space to the shattered lo-fi sound when driven hard, and a low control setting.
  • Sound on sound: Magneto has LOOP mode (sound on sound). When you enter LOOP mode, Magneto will record the signal like a traditional tape machine. Head 4 is the playback head of the looper, and heads 1 to 3 play the delay repeat of the input signal. The loop (tape) length is determined by pressing the TAP once and then pressing the splice "in" and pressing it again "spout". Press it three times to erase the contents of the tape. REPEATS determines the degree of repetition. The maximum loop length is 3 seconds maximum for the SPEED knob and 15 minutes minimum.
  • Phrase sampler: Includes a phrase sampler function that records the loop set with the TAP button. Press the TAP button once to start sample recording, and press it again to stop recording. Press it three times to clear the sample memory. To play the sample, use the RESTART button or RESTART CV input. You can set the playback pitch and speed with SPEED or SPEED CV.
  • Infinity Echo: Magneto can also simply repeat the signal played on another modular. In ECHO or LOOP mode, press the ∞ button to stop recording and play the delay or loop repeatedly. It can also be used as an oscillator using ∞.
  • reverse: In ECHO mode, the contents of all tapes (within the delay time) can be played back in reverse. This reverse playback has a more hallucinatory effect when SPEED and PAUSE operations are added. In LOOP and SAMPLE mode, only the recorded length is played back in reverse. It is also possible to add new sounds during playback.
  • Clock out: Magneto's 4 heads each have CLK CV OUT (output), which can output in phase with input clock or Tap CV signal. In the case of 4-head EVEN (equal) space in ECHO mode, head 1 output is 4/1 (16th note), head 2 output is 2/1 (8th note), and head 3 output is 3/4 (attached) 8th note), head 4 output is 1/1. TRIPLET and SHIFT output different headspace values.
  • Mechanical tape Stop / Start effect: Magneto's PAUSE control is one of the faithful reproduction features of variable speed tape delay. The movement slows down during a pause, then stops, then slowly starts up. This slowdown / startup speed is easily user controlled. (Head 4 control knob)
  • Scrubbing: The SPEED knob acts as an audio scrubbing tool while the Transport Pause is working. The audio length in the scrubbing buffer is determined by the position of the SPEED knob. The maximum position is 750 ms and the minimum position is 6 seconds.
  • stereo: Even if the modular is all mono output setup, you can enjoy stereo sound by inputting it to Magneto's L jack. This unit has 4 heads, you can pan them left and right, and you can also select LRLR, LRRL, or customized center in pan mode. You can also enjoy the psychoacoustic effect with all heads in the center. In addition, wow and flutter and spring reverb emphasize the stereo effect.
  • Analog dry path: General digital effectors also convert dry signals to digital, increasing noise level and latency. In addition, the signal is trimmed low before the digital dry and wet signals are combined, resulting in more noise when the gain is increased back to the signal level. To prevent the sound quality from deteriorating due to such problems, Magneto has an independent analog dry path (signal path). With this method, high dynamic range and low noise performance can be achieved.
  • Exceptionally powerful DSP: We use the incredibly powerful SHARC ADSP-21369 processor from Analog Devices, Inc. The performance of the 2.4MHz SIMD SHARC with a peak performance of 366 GFLOPS makes our dTape algorithm run at an uncompromising level.