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Steady State Fate Entity Bass Drum

End of production
SSF's flexible analog kick module!
Format: Eurorack
Width: 14HP
Depth: 33mm
Current: 72mA @ + 12V, 125mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)


Entity has a variety of high quality with thoughtful and flexible controls.kickA bass drum synthesizer that can produce It's also perfect for percussive bass sounds, not sound sources.Resonant filter, VCA, envelopeWorks as well.

The core of Entity is a resonant filter, which can be filtered by inputting a trigger signal to Triger.oscillationTo produce a sound, and the sound decays and disappears (pinging) at a time that reflects the amount of resonance (Ring). The frequency of the filter becomes the pitch of the oscillation sound, and the pitch can be controlled with the Pitch knob, FM CV, built-in envelope, etc.

In Entity the trigger isBuilt-in envelopeIs also set to start up, and its envelope controls the filter frequency and the CV input of the VCA in the final stage (the control target can be selected with a switch). The envelope consists of Attack (Rise) and Decay (Fall),Curve characteristics can be switched individually.

In the final OUTPUT section, which has a built-in VCA, you can mix the signals that have passed through and those that have not. When the sound does not pass through the VCA, the sound is only the original decay of the pinging controlled by the Ring. By mixing this sound with the sound that the envelope has applied to VCA, you can create a basic and extremely wide kick sound. Also, with A-Mix,Input external signal such as noisecan. The final stage VCA is also applied to the external signal.

Since the core of Entity is a filter, besides oscillating and using it as a kick,Resonant filter, VCA, and envelope ideal for percussive bassCan be used as Do the following:
  • Input the output of another oscillator (square or sawtooth) to the F-MIX. Now the output from the oscillator will pass through the Entity filter
  • Patch the gate from the sequencer etc. to Trigger and the pitch CV to 1V / Oct of the oscillator.
  • Set the OUTPUT switch to ENV to control VCA with the built-in envelope that rises each time the gate is set, and set the switch so that FM can also be ENV
  • Set FM LVL etc. to your liking. By controlling the VCA with an external ADSR envelope (Output switch = AMP) and using the internal AD envelope only for FM, you can more flexibly program legato and accents.