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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger

¥42,900 (Tax excluded ¥39,000)
High-performance, high-quality stereo filter with low-pass/high-pass/variable bandpass capability and CV panning

Format: Eurorack
Width: 6HP
Depth: 29mm
Current: 65mA @ + 12V, 80mA @ -12V
Manual PDF (English)


Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger is a stereo filter with various features that allows you to control the low-pass and high-pass cutoff frequencies independently.

It is packed with features that make it easy to use as a filter, such as a resonance control that can be turned on/off for low-pass and high-pass, and a link switch that transforms the two cutoff controls into bass frequency and bandwidth controls.You can also create a stereo effect by shifting the left and right cutoff frequencies using CV.

  • 24dB / Oct (low pass & hi pass) dual stereo filter
  • Filter design using 3320 chip, also used in OB-Xa and Pro-One
  • Independent control of low-pass and high-pass frequencies
  • A stereo effect that changes the cutoff frequency between left and right is realized by CV input.
  • Shared and assignable resonance control
  • Link function to change the module to a 48dB / Oct bandpass filter
  • CV input for low-pass frequency, high-pass frequency, resolution
  • Stable operation of left and right channels due to precise calibration
  • Thin and compact design


The Dual Dagger implements two low-pass filters and two high-pass filters, all four different analog filters with a 2dB / Oct slope.LPFThe knob and CV input set the cutoff frequency of the two low-pass filters.HPFThe knob and CV input each control the cutoff frequency of the two high-pass filters. RESThe knob and CV input are to the left of the RES knobLPF-RESWhen the switch is enabled, it controls the resonance of the two low-pass filters at the same time.HPF-RESWhen enabled, the switch also controls the resonance of the high-pass filter.

Link Switch

The LInk switch is turned on in the right position, and at this time the Dual Dagger becomes a variable width bandpass filter. The HPF cutoff controls the base frequency and the LPF cutoff controls the bandwidth. Resonance affects either the high-pass edge or the low-pass edge, depending on the switch position. In link mode, the relationship between each knob position and the bandpass filter response is as follows.


Dual Dagger has a CV input that acts in the opposite direction on the cutoff frequency of each channel, creating a stereo effect. When the PAN-CV input receives a positive voltage, the corresponding filter cutoff frequency on the left increases and the frequency on channel 2 decreases. for examplePAN-LPApplying a positive voltage to the input opens the left filter and closes the right filter. The opposite is true for negative values.


The resonance range can be set using jumpers on the back of the module. If you want to prevent the filter from self-oscillating, set the jumper toLoSet to the position of.HiWhen set to the position of, the resonance can be controlled to a higher value, and self-oscillation is also possible.

Patch Ideas

Here are some examples of creative uses with Dual Dagger other than general stereo processing and filtering.

Summing Outputs

By mixing the two outputs using a mono sound source, you can use the Dual Dagger as a twin-peak high-pass and low-pass filter. You can use the PAN input to shift the cutoff of the two channels.

Simple Voice

Use only one channel and the highpass section as a sine wave VCO that tracks the V / Oct over several octaves (maximizing resonance causes the filter to self-oscillate).To create a more complex waveform, use channel 2 to FM the PAN-HP.This allows you to get more overtones and smooth the tone in the lowpass section.You can also mix both channels and use the PAN-HP as a detune parameter between the two sine wave VCOs.

Kick Drum

It is well known that you can easily create a kick drum sound by FM with an envelope that attenuates sine waves. Dual Dagger allows you to create a variety of kick drums based on this. Mix the two outputs and detune them from the PAN input.Set a high resonance value for both sections and use the RES input instead of the VCA.


Can convert LR stereo to Mid Side stereoBy combining the Sum Dif module with a Dual Dagger filter, the cutoff frequency of the center signal can be offset from the side signal.You can use the pan section to get a unique panning effect.