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Rebel Technology Stoicheia

¥31,900 (Tax excluded ¥29,000)
A full-fledged dual Euclidean sequencer that creates patterns with three knobs. Chain mode is also powerful.
Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 20mm
Current: 10mA @ + 12V, 0mA @ -12V, 25mA @ 5V
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Stoicheia (Στοιχεῖα) is a full-spec dual Euclidean sequencer.

In Euclidean sequencer,Loop lengthNumber of beats ONAndLoop start pointThe pattern is determined by setting. When making a pattern from the loop length and the number of beats, a method called Euclidean algorithm (an application of the method of finding the greatest common divisor) is used, and it is possible to produce rhythms including many ethnic percussion patterns and techno patterns. I will.

Stoicheia has two channels and a common reset jack, but you can control the loop start point separately for each channel with a knob. The reset input returns to the start when the gate is ON, and the sequence is stopped while it is ON. When it turns off, it will restart. Reset input is a gate signal to sequenceTemporarily muteIt is useful to set a simple reset using the reset point knob.

It has a mode switch to switch between normal mode, mute, and alternate mode (use the master clock to switch the input gate on and off for each input gate, and halve the number of beats instead of using the input gate as the master clock).

The input gating sequence does not have to be a constant clock. Normal mode Stoicheia simply thins out parts of the input sequence. Even if you input an irregular rhythm or a gate whose length changes, the timing and length of the gate that remains as beat ON and is output will be the same as the input. The clock is shared by the two channels. There are two jacks, lower left and lower right, but from one, the clock input to the other is the sameDuplicate (mult) and outputWill be

A trick unique to StoicheiaChain modeIf you turn down the center switch, the channel 1 pattern will be played and then the channel 2 pattern will be output from both channels. You can create complex patterns by changing the pattern and mode of each channel.