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Mutable Instruments Frames

End of production
A flexible VCA mixer / signal dispatcher that transitions "keyframes" like animations to morph levels. Secret mode is also powerful.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 18HP
Depth: 27mm
Current: 90mA @ + 12V, 30mA @ -12V
Quick Start Guide (English, pdf)
Manual Page (English)


Frames is a unique module that allows you to sequence / morph between the stored settings by specifying the gain level of each channel with the upper four knobs.

The gain level setting is 64 presets (Key frame) One of them. Then use the large "Frame" knob or CV in the center to move between keyframes, and also change (animate) the four gains. Of course, both CV and audio can be processed, and while making full use of digital control, the signal path is analog. It is intuitive to use, and very flexible to use as shown below.
  • 4CH attenuator / VCA
  • 4CH mixer
  • 4CH programmable CV source
  • 4CH signal dispatcher

Inputs & Outputs

Frames has a lot of work done on input routing. Channels that are not patched to individual channel input jacksALL inputShare the signal input to the input with the input. If nothing is patched to the ALL input, turn on the "+ 10V OFFSET" switch to switch to that channel.10V constant voltageWill be routed as an input.

The input signal of each channel goes through the attenuator of each channel to the output. If they are patched to the output jacks of individual channels, they will output a signal,If it is not patched, it will be output from the MIX output.If there are similar channels, the output of those channels will be mixed and output from the MIX output, so it will be a mixer.

Settings etc.

Press and hold the ADD / DEL button to set and save the change characteristics of the keyframe. See the description of each button for them.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over  


Frames can be operated in different modes by repeatedly pressing the ADD button and DEL button.

Sequencer MODE

With the keyframe on (keyframe LED lit), press the ADD button 5 times to enter sequencer mode, the Frame knob will not work, and the keyframe will advance each time you input a clock signal to Frame CV. (Please turn the MODULATION knob all the way to the right). Similarly, press the ADD button 5 times to return to the normal mode.

Quadrature MODE

With the frame knob turned all the way to the left, press the DEL button 10 times to enter "Quadrature MODE" and each output becomes an oscillator with a different waveform and VCA. At this time, inputs 1 to 4 become VCA CV inputs. If you do not patch these inputs and turn on the 10V offset, the VCA will remain open and the sound will continue to play. The Frame knob and its CV control the frequency, and the Gain knob for each channel works as follows.
  • The CH1 gain knob selects a waveform from the wavetable.
  • The CH2 gain knob controls the difference in the waveform from each output. In the middle all outputs will output the same waveform.
  • The CH3 gain knob creates a phase difference for each output when turned clockwise from the center and a frequency difference for each output when turned counterclockwise from the center.
  • By shifting CH4 from the center, the phase will be modulated by the signal of the adjacent channel on the right / left side of each channel.


Starting from the normal mode, the Sequencer MODE demo starts at about 2:54. The Quadrature MODE demo will start around 4:46.