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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Make Noise Optomix (Rev2)

¥36,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 33,545)
Compact and versatile, the standard popular 2-channel low pass gate. It is Rev2.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: 25mA @ + 12V, 25mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English, Rev2)
Japanese Manual pdf (It is for Rev1, but there is no change in both except for additional functions)


Optomix is ​​a dual low pass gate module that can attenuate the input signal with a unique decay response. Optomix can also function as a built-in envelope VCA or envelope follower. The sound quality is very mild LPF, and the decay sound has a unique and beautiful "Ringing" feeling, so it is very suitable for producing percussive sounds and envelopes like when you play a string.

The signal input to the SIGNAL IN of each channel is processed by the low-pass gate inside Optomix and output from the SIGNAL OUT of each channel. MIX of the input to AUX IN and the output of each channel is output from SUM OUT. To operate each channel as a VCA, the Control Signal input corresponds to the CV input of the VCA, so patch an envelope or the like there, and turn the Control Attenuator clockwise to adjust the envelope. The larger the amount of the envelope, the brighter the sound.

Each channel can also be controlled by DAMP PARAMETER or STRIKE IN. When the gate is input to STRIKE IN, the low pass gate is fully opened, so you can get a percussive LPG sound with just a trigger. DAMP PARAMETER also affects the decay strength of the LPG. DAMP can also be controlled by CV.

From the sale in February 2016, Optomix will be a new version Rev2, and the following functions will be added. There are no other changes.
  • The offset voltage is now internally wired when not patched to the signal input. For this reason, it is now possible to trigger Strike to create an envelope with a unique Optomix shape.
  • The Damp control also reacts to the audio signal and can now be used as a sidechain input for compression-like effects.
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