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Make Noise DPO

¥101,900 (Tax excluded ¥92,636)
Make Noise's West Coast Complex Oscillator that can combine various shaping and FM techniques to create diverse and complex waveforms

Format: Eurorack
Width: 28HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 70mA @ + 12V, 70mA @ -12V
Japanese manual pdf
Manual pdf (English)


Japanese manual

The DPO is a dual full analog oscillator that incorporates a large amount of tone synthesis functions such as FM and wave shaping and has been skillfully routed. A monster oscillator that was greatly influenced by Buchla259, etc., but also gained new characters due to generous routing and core behavior!

For FM, VCO A and VCO B each have different scale FM inputs called EXP / LIN, and it is also possible to patch them here.If not patched, VCO A will use VCO B, FM from VCO A is applied to VCO B. Its strength is controlled by the white attenuator knob of each VCO, and the FM Bus control controls the strength of the FM "master" that the oscillators interlock with each other, and also the CV control. In this way, it is possible to create complex FM sounds instantly by clever FM routing that is pre-wired internally.Follow parameter and Lock modeIt also has controls that can further improve the FM sound.

Waveshaper and Mod Bus
DPO has VCO A and VCO B, and wave shaping such as Shape, Angle, and Fold is performed on VCO B. In addition, these shaping methods are internally connected so that they are modulated by the MOD BUS when they are not patched to each CV input. The modulation provided by MOD BUS will be the sine wave of VCO A when not patched to the EXT SRC input. 
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    • More detailed explanation. It is also interesting to input a trigger pulse to the STRIKE input from about 16 minutes to gate the sound.

      MakeNoise DPO from James Cigler on Vimeo.