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Joranalogue Filter 8

¥41,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 38,091)
Equipped with 8 phase outputs and a unique resonant feedback circuit.High quality and versatile multi-mode filter / 8-phase oscillator.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 12HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 75mA @ + 12V, 75mA @ -12V
Manual Pdf (English)


Filter 8 is a multi-mode filter / 8 phase oscillator that distinguishes it from existing analog VCFs by eight outputs with different phases of 45 degrees and a unique resonant feedback circuit.

The filter structure of the Filter 8 is a classical analog OTA style, it works as a series 4-pole low pass filter, but you can also take out all derivative filter outputs such as high pass, band pass, unique phase shifter etc. at the same time. I will.

The highlight of Filter 8 is its innovative resonant feedback circuit.
As you increase the resonance, all eight outputs resonate at the filter frequency without any loss of low frequency response. If the resonance is further increased, the module will start self-oscillation, and Filter 8 will change to a sine wave VCO with 8 types of phases, with accurate frequency tracking capability of at least 5 octaves, phase shifted by 45 °. To do.
If LOW is selected in the frequency range, it also functions as an 8-output VC slew limiter or an 8-phase VCLFO.

The gain of each output is unity by default, but when used in oscillator mode, each output will resonate with a different amplitude, resulting in uneven amplitude. When the COMP. Switch is turned on, the gain compensation function incorporated in the output stage is enabled and the amplitude of all output signals becomes uniform.

Linear / Exponential FM that can be used at the same time supports classical FM sound and chaotic modulation. It also has a HOLD function that is familiar to other modules of Joranalogue. This feature, which freezes the output voltage manually or by gate control, provides a pause in modulation, or an effect similar to oscillator sync at audio rates.

You can easily create colorful and crisp percussive PING sounds by inputting pulses, etc. into PING under HOLD.


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