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The ES-9 is a 16-input / output Eurorack audio interface. Since it has DC coupling input and output, both audio and CV can be input and output, and it is optimally adjusted for exchanging audio and CV between Eurorack and computer with high signal level to handle. .

Equipped with a 1 / 4-inch main output and headphone jack, you can integrate a modular synth with a laptop / tablet regardless of studio live.

The ES-9's 14 analog inputs allow you to record many modular sound sources track by track. Eight DC-coupled outputs are perfect for controlling modular synths with software such as Silent Way, Max / MSP, Ableton CV Tools, Bitwig, or for outputting sound for modular processing. I will.

If you want to increase the output further, you can connect with ES-5. You can also use digital signals from other equipment through the S / PDIF digital input / output.

The ES-9 is also equipped with MIDI input / output and can be used by connecting a MIDI Breakout expander.
  • 16 inputs (14x3.5mm analog input + S / PDIF input)
  • 16 outputs (8x3.5mm analog output + stereo main balance output + stereo headphone output + S / PDIF output + ES-5 output)
  • 3.5mm analog input is DC coupled and can input a range of about ± 10V
  • The 3.5mm analog output can output a range of about ± 10V by DC coupling. Stereo main balance output is AC coupled. Headphone output is DC coupling.
  • Class-compliant USB 2.0 driver
  • Sample rate: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • Bit depth: 24 bits
  • You can use the MIDI Breakout module for each MIDI input / output
  • With headphone volume control
  • Equipped with 8x8 crosspoint mixer inside (can be set with a tool)
  • To bring out the full specifications of ES-9 on a Windows machine, use a dedicated driver for ASIO.Click here for the guidelines.Please download from

ES-9 Configuration Tool

The ES-9 can be used as an audio interface by inserting the USB cable as it is (for Windows machines).driverPlease download and install)Setting toolYou can set the mixer as a stand-alone by downloading and installing.

8x8 crosspoint mixer setting example.Start the software, set the input of the mixer to Input1 to Input8 in the red frame above, and adjust the volume like the purple frame to use the analog inputs 9 to 1 of ES-8 as 4 stereo sets and mix. Is output to headphones (when using an 8-mono mixer, raise all sliders in purple).

As for the mixer output, headphone L / R is assigned to Output3 / 4 as default, but if other channels are included, channels can be freely assigned up to 8 outputs like the input, and the mix balance of the input channel is assigned to each output. Can be set to.For example, in the above example, Output 1/2 is assigned to the main output, and analog input 1/2 is set to be output as it is.

By pressing the Save to Flash button, the current settings can be saved in the internal memory as the default mixer settings for the connected ES-9.There are two types of memory for setting storage on the main unit, one for connecting the USB cable and one for not connecting.Individually depending on whether the USB cable is stuckIt can be set.The (Standalone) button in the blue frame is stored in the setting memory when the USB is not stuck (there may be many settings as a mixer). If you want to save it in the setting memory when the USB is stuck, press Save to Flash (Hosted) on the left. Use the two small buttons on the right side of the blue frame to load the ES-9 internal memory settings softly.