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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Elektron Digitakt II

¥175,900 (Tax excluded ¥159,909)
New Digitakt with stereo support, 16 tracks, 128 steps, stretch machine and countless other upgrades


新 し いDigitakt IIwill be the key to leading you to another dimension.

Weave snippets of sound together in stereo, with amazing audio manipulation and beat sequencing at your fingertips. stereo or mono samples, orMIDIcorresponded to16Tracks can be used to preserve or distort the now as you wish. Each track features switchable filters and a wide range of effects and modulations, and leverages enhanced processing power and ample memory to maximize sample longevity. In addition, the Euclidean sequence generator andExpansionWas done128It has a number of useful features, including a step sequencer, extensive sample library, and modular workflow.Digitakt IIis an essential tool for expanding your Sonic Montage sculpting possibilities.

16 of the truck Digitakt Drum computer and stereo sampler

Digitakt IITake your music production to another dimension with. in stereo16Enjoy amazing audio manipulation and beat arranging using samples from your tracks. stereo, mono, orMIDIThe16You can use tracks to save or change them freely. Expand your music production possibilities with a modular workflow and sequencer packed with enhanced versions of classic features and plenty of new features.Of course, you'll have plenty of memory to store the samples you need and the magic to take you on sonic adventures, giving you unlimited imagination.

endless drum collage

Digitakt II is a digital Drum computer and stereo It's a sampler. It may have a familiar shape and the same sense of playfulness, but there's even more power hidden within. And you can freely use that power to create any sound. You can play not only drum patterns but also all kinds of melodies and harmonies, especially improved samples. You can use the library right away. Of course, you can also capture your own sound fragments. You can sample freely externally or internally, or quantize to match the tempo. Significantly increased memory capacity, with up to 30 minute stereo Save samples so you can take your ideas with you wherever you go. No matter what the thunder or what the whisper, they are all available in each project. 1,000 samples exceeding Waiting to be triggered from the slot.

Machines, modules and modulation

Digitakt The experience has evolved to offer a more modular approach to sound creation. 5 You can combine the layers of your soundscape using one of two different sample operations and machines. Grid to slice samples into precise pieces orThrow Use it to explore new sonic territory.RepitchYou can use Stretch or Stretch, or match samples to the beat. Of course, there's also One Shot, which delivers crisp drum hits and tones. Choose from several replaceable filters per track. 1 Two filters are based/It is fixed as a wide filter, but it is no longer 1 One is multimode, low pass 4,com,EQ, or legacy LP / HP You can switch between. In addition, the filter envelope and independentADSRamp envelope (for more definition and control) and perfect for short percussion calls.HDAAlso equipped. For each track 3 Horn LFO allows you to play wild with modulation land. For size, try different waveforms and destinations. Go subtle or weird, both can be great. To emphasize the flexibility available here, both of these settings can be selected individually for each track. It has a wide range of options to adjust the audio to your liking.

Cause & FX 

Vary your sound using the built-in effects palette. Dip your brushes into vibrant delays and reverbs, widen the spectrum with chorus, and add bits. reduction and sample rate Become destructive with reduction or overdrive. Please enjoy it to your heart's content. mixer Go to the page to apply compression, master overdrive, and sculpt unique sound textures at will. Also, the parameter Locks allow you to make effects more powerful.


For the first time in recent years,Elektron Sequencers have experienced significant growth. Digitakt II Now, here are the steps that you can move with your fingers. 128 Yes, this is the previous 2 Double. with this,P On the rocks/parameter You can enjoy rock to your heart's content. And that's just the beginning. Mix math and music using a Euclidean sequence generator powered by ancient algorithms, leading to surprising rhythmic discoveries. Use conditional triggers to force patterns to roll dice. In addition, 16 Level velocity, retrig Trigger various fun features such as modes Use modes or presets the pool 16 Display on the surface of the trigger for multiple sounds 1 You can record on one track.

Time to enjoy to the fullest

Digitakt II is a playground of sonic possibilities packed with features designed for creative fun. Collect your favorite sounds in kits for instant access. hidden Machinedrum Inspired by magic Performance Kit mode allows you to freely try out kits without overwriting your save state. Deeper control over parameters across all tracks or specified tracks Commands can be executed instantly. trigger The mode is16 Activate, retrain or preset level velocity Multiple sounds and different presets on the surface of the pool lock 1 A very fun way to record on one track. Keyboard When the mode is enabled,10 Can be played chromatically over an octave,30 You can experiment with sizes on different scales. Within that range, you can easily warp the sound.

Song mode

Digitakt II So song mode is available from the start, allowing you to seamlessly create, edit, and play compositions through a playlist of patterns.


Connect to other equipment with balanced stereo inputs and outputs. 16 The truck is MIDI It can be used for in, out, and through, allowing you to sequence, play, and control a complete group of external instruments. MIDI is quickly learned and renameable from the device. CC, trigger, sequence,LFO Now you can send it to your device and save it to your kit for instant recall.

Presets packed with ready-to-use sounds

Digitakt II is packed with tons of samples to get you started. Dip into our preset pool and hear everything from drums to percussion to melodies, carefully crafted 1,000 Access more options.


Audio track function

  • 16 × stereo/mono audio track MIDI truck 
  • 5 × selectable SRC (audio) マ シ ン: one-shot, warp, stretch, Repich, grid
  • 5 × selectable FLTR マ シ ン: multi mode, Low pass 4, equalizer, com, Legacy LP / HP
  • 1 ×For each track digital base wide filter
  • 1 ×per truck Digital  Overdrive
  • 1 × Digital  Bit reduction
  • 1 × Digital sample rate reduction
  • 1 × Overdrive master effect
  • 1 × stereo compressor master effect
  • per truck× 3 assignable LFO
  • 400MBsample memory of
  • + DRIVE storage 20 GB 
  • Various sample libraries

MIDITruck features

  • per step Polyphony 4
  • 16 × assignable CC Control
  • 2 ×per truck assignable LFO


  • 4 × trigger mode, truck velocity, Retrigger (audio Only works on trucks) preset Pool (audio Only works on trucks)
  • 36 keyboard with different scales mode
  • Song mode

Sequencer function 

  • per pattern and track 128 Step
  • Pattern length can be changed individually for each track
  • Scale can be changed individually for each track
  • Parameter lock
  • Trig conditions and trig opportunities
  • Retrigger (audio track only)
  • Micro timing
  • 1 × Euclid per track sequence Generator available

Send effect

  • saturator delay
  • super void reverb
  • panoramic chorus


  • 128 x 64 pixel OLED screen
  • 2 x 1/4 inch impedance balanced audio output jacks
  • 2 x 1/4 inch impedance balanced audio input jacks
  • 1 x 1/4 inch stereo headphone jack
  • 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converter
  • High speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI in/out/through, DIN sync out

Physical specifications 

  • Rugged steel case
  • External dimensions: W215 x D176 x H63mm (including knobs and feet)
  • Weight: approx. 1.48 kg (3.25 lb)
  • 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting holes. Use M7 screws with a maximum length of 4 mm.


  • Overbidge compatible
  • Class compliant USB audio
  • external input mixer
  • 3 year warranty

Included items

  • Power supply PSU-3c
  • electron usb cable
  • artwork