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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Befaco Mex

¥15,900 (Tax excluded ¥14,455)
Expander to add an 8-step gate sequencer to Muxlicer

Format: Eurorack
Width: 4HP
Depth: 20mm
Current: 30mA @ + 12V, 10mA @ -12V

Manual PDF (English)


Befaco Noise Mex is an expander module that adds an 8-step gate sequencer to Muxlicer. Adding a new gate output line to the Muxlicer sequence This unit is equipped with a 3-position switch for each step, so that the Muxlicer itself can generate the same number of gates, or the output can be set individually. is.In addition, Mex supports daisy chains, allowing you to expand the output line as many times as you need.


Connection with Muxlicer main unit

Refer to the image below and connect the EXPANTION_PORT on the back of the Muxlicer to the TO_MUX port on the Mex, paying attention to the direction of the cable.The warranty does not cover the failure of the module due to incorrect connection.Make sure to connect securely while checking the mark on the board.Use the THRU port to connect multiple Mex.In this case as well, pay close attention to the orientation of the cable.

Switch position

Mex is connected to Muxlicer's internal clock. Mex's gate sequence follows the same steps generated by Muxlicer, but Mex allows you to select a mode for each step, allowing you to create different versions of the original sequence.

  • Central position (No Gate Mode): A step with the switch set to the center does not generate a gate when the sequence reaches this step.
  • Right position (All Gates Mode): Steps set to this mode generate the same signal that is present at the gate output of the associated Muxlicer. If you have set multiple gates (Gate Amount parameter) for each step in Muxlicer, you can get the same number of gates in the output of Mex.If all steps are set to the right position, the Mex output will be a complete copy of Muxlicer's All Gate output.
  • Left position (Pass In Mode): Steps set to this mode utilize the signal received by Gate In.By default, this jack is normalized to Muxlicer's Clock Out. If Muxlicer's Clock Out is set to multiply the internal clock, multiple gates will be generated.Conversely, if it is set to split the internal clock, some steps will be skipped.


In addition, Mex's Gate In can act like a comparator internally, so you can get interesting results by inputting signals other than the gate.Below is an example of inputting an analog sine wave into Gate In, and the result is a gate with a length equal to half the period of the sine wave.