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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details


Planar 2 is a multi-input / output CV / audio mixer and panner that fully utilizes the characteristics of the joystick. The joystick's unique operability allows you to perform many delicate and simultaneous controls.

There are four inputs, A to D, which are mixed in the balance controlled by the joystick and output from MIX OUT. This feature allows you to use the joystickMixed crossfade of four signalscan. Also, the individual attenuated signals are output from the A to D outputs. Since the input is internally connected to the adjacent input, if you patch the input only to A, you can get the same signal with different amount of attenuation from outputs A to D. For this reasonStereo / Quad PannerIt can also be used as Since 10V is internally connected to the input, it can be used as a quad controller (ABCD OUT) if nothing is patched. XY OUT always functions as a simple X / Y controller regardless of the input. Both audio and CV can be input to each input.

In Planar 2, move the joystickRecordIt is now possible to The recorded movements can be played back in one shot or looped, soenvelope,LFOIt can also be used as Actual joystick movements are not reflected when playing back recorded movements. Since it can be overwritten by punch-in, the positionJumpYou can also make movements. The start and stop timings for recording and playback are specified with the buttons, but they can be synchronized with the trigger input.

Also in 2, the movement of the joystick is even smoother. It is the best controller for ambient that requires slow and delicate changes.


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firmware Update

Follow the steps below to update the firmware.

  1. Power down the module
  2. Connect the USB cable from the back of the module to your computer.
  3. IntellijelPagesOpen the updater downloaded from and select the module and version from the dropdowns.
  4. ABCD buttonPower on the module again while pressing
  5. At the bottom of the updaterUpdateWhen the button is pressed, the progress bar starts, and when the message “Update completed successfully” is displayed at the end, the update is complete.
  6. Restart the modular and it should work with the new firmware