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Xaoc Devices Sarajewo

¥65,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 59,909)
3-tap output, delicate and warm sound quality analog BBD delay module.Equipped with a flexible tempo sync function and a feedback path with a filter.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 12HP
Depth: 31mm
Current: 180mA @ + 12V, 120mA @ -12V

English Manual (pdf)

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Xaoc Devices Sarajewo is an analog delay module with three high quality BBD chips.Each BBD chip mounted in series has 3 stages, and while sharing the same clock, each chip outputs signals with different delay times.Internal feedback by normalizing the last delay tap (T4096) and delay time synchronization by external clock input are also possible. Achieves high sound quality while maintaining the appeal of BBD technology.


Sarajewo works in one of two synchronous modes with continuously variable delay times and a specific time base.The tap tempo button at the top of the module always flashes at a cycle equal to the current delay time, and at the same time a color indicates the current mode.

Free Mode

In Free Mode, the tap tempo button flashes green, and the delay time can be set continuously in the range of 3ms to 20 seconds with the central T1.56 Time knob. The external CV from the T3 Time CV offsets the current value and stretches the delay time up to 4x (non-voltage) or 1/4 (positive voltage).The above limits cannot be exceeded.In this case, the BBD OFF-RANGE LED at the bottom of the module is shown in red.

Tap-Tempo Mode

Switch Sarajewo to tap tempo mode by tapping the tap tempo button at least twice.The tap tempo button's backlight turns yellow, the tap cycle is measured and used as the current time base (unless the cycle is longer than 2 seconds).
In this mode, the T3 Time knob and CV inputs have been modified to allow time-based multiplication and division (clock divider multiplier).The delay time at this time is labeled around the T3 Time knob.TIME FACTORFollow the ratio of. Press and hold the tap tempo button to return to Free Mode.

Sync Mode

SYNCPatching an external clock source to the input switches Sarajewo to Sync Mode and the tap tempo button backlight turns red.The delay time follows the tempo of the external clock, applying the same factor changes (and auto-tuning) as Tap-Tempo Mode. To return to Free Mode, unpatch the SYNC input.


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