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XAOC Devices Samara

End of production
A 4-channel attenuator offset inverter mixer with many functions. Excellent compatibility with Batumi.
Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 45mm
Current: 25mA @ + 12V, 20mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)

Jacks & Knobs

Attenuator for CH1
Channel 1 attenuator
Attenuator for CH2
Channel 2 attenuator
Attenuator for CH3
Channel 3 attenuator
Attenuator for CH4
Channel 4 attenuator
Offset Buttons
Offset button for CH1 and CH3 inputs.When on, 5V is applied before the input signal passes through the attenuator, and any LFO that operates in the normal -5V to 5V range can be converted to a unipolar.
Input jack to each channel
Inverted inputs
Reverse input.The signal input here is inverted and added to the signal to the input jack above (that is, subtracts).The attenuator acts on the signal that performed the subtraction
Individual Outputs
Output jack of the signal of each channel through the attenuator
1 & 2 Sum Out
It is a jack that outputs the total signal of the outputs of CH1 and CH2.
3 & 4 / All Out
When not patched to 1 & 2 Sum Out, all outputs of CH1 to CH4 are added up and output. When patched to 1 & 2 Sum Out, the total signal of CH3 and CH4 outputs is output.
Min / Max Out
Outputs the minimum and maximum voltage of each channel output
It is an LED that shows the value of the output voltage.
When you move the cursor to the screen, the role of each part is displayed in a pop-up.


Samara is a 4-channel signal processor equipped with many basic voltage processing functions such as attenuator, offset, mix, and Min / Max. Both CV and audio can be processed.The company's 4CH LFOBatumiIt's very useful for creating complex waveforms from, and can be used for processing signals such as other oscillators and LFOs as well.

The main function of each channel is the attenuator, but by using the addition of offset voltage, Inv input, mix output, and MIX / MAX output, a more sophisticated voltage process is possible.

CH1 and CH3 are equipped with a button that applies an offset voltage of 5V before passing through the attenuator, so input an LFO or oscillator that operates in the range of -5V to 5V, and a unipolar signal that operates at 0 to 10V. It is possible to convert to and then attenuate and output.Also, if you turn on the offset without patching the input, you can simply output a constant offset voltage.Each channel is equipped with an Inv input, and the signal patched here passes through the attenuator after being subtracted from the input signal of each channel.

In addition to the individual outputs, there are outputs that mix two or four channels, and outputs that extract the maximum and minimum values, and you can combine relatively simple input waveforms to produce complex signals.