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End of production
OR / SUM / DIFF can be switched.DC coupling precision utility useful in any patch

Format: Eurorack
Width: 4HP
Depth: 40mm
Current: 50mA @ + 12V, 50mA @ -12V

Manual pdf (English)


OSD (OR / SUM / DIF) is a versatile utility consisting of three independent channels.The voltage processing useful in modular synthesis is performed with high precision by DC coupling.

  • V / Oct sequences are added up with high precision processing. By using the OR circuit, it is possible to obtain results that are completely different from SUM.
  • Create a CV with a large accent by mixing the two CVs using the SUM function. When combined with OR, it keeps the output within the original range.
  • Diff can also be used for signal inversion.


The OSD consists of three independent channels with different signal paths.

  • Channel 1 --The input signals to the A and B jacks are balanced by the crossfader before being calculated.After processing based on the calculation method selected by switch 1, analog OR calculation by the input signal from the OR jack is added, and it is output from OUT.
  • Channel 2 --Implement the same signal path as channel 1, but the combination of A and B is always unity level because the crossfader is omitted. Suitable for processing delicate signals such as V / Oct sequences.
  • Channel 3 --A simple yet convenient channel that implements three precise analog OR inputs.Suitable for use as a gate combiner or rectifier.

GOLD - The input voltages are compared and the higher one is sent to the output (eg, when A = 4V, B = 8V, output = 8V)

SUM- The input voltages are added together to create the output voltage (eg, when A = 3V, B = 4V, clip at output = 7V / ± 10V)

DIF- The voltage source of B is subtracted from the voltage of A to produce the output of the difference between the two (when A = 2V, B = 3V, output = 5V).