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WMD Legion

End of production
Precision Thru-Zero Oscillator with versatile waveform output and flexible modulation options to create unknown sounds

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 38mm
Current: 70mA @ + 12V, 60mA @ -12V

Manual Pdf Soon


Legion is an analog oscillator with versatile independent waveform outputs and a practical CV input.This sophisticated oscillator has a built-in digital calibration so you can keep tuning once done. The Tune knob is switchable between Fine and Coarse modes and can be locked to protect against unintentional frequency fluctuations during your performance.

Legion's through-zero linear FM can maintain its own fundamental frequency perfectly even when modulated by other oscillators, and a dedicated attenuator allows you to freely control the depth of modulation. .This means you can stay in tune while adding overtones with classical techniques.Thru-Zero FM also works well with sawtooth output, adding even more flavor to the sonic palette.

An exponential FM input independent of the 1V/Oct input and a dedicated attenuator can be used to simultaneously "wobble" the frequencies or for more classic FM effects if desired. I can do it.

Legion features a unique sawtooth section in addition to the waveform output found in common analog oscillators.It is inspired by the Alpha Juno synthesizer and adds what we call "windows" to the sawtooth output.The window is basically the central, negative pulse of the sawtooth wave, creating harmonics in the sound of the classical waveform.Use the switch to add more windows to produce complex overtones.Using PWM for this and increasing or decreasing the window size value with an external CV source such as an LFO will have the greatest effect on the waveform. 

The Legion also features an output called "Swarm," which is essentially an analog Super Saw.This output uses a sawtooth wave plus seven DAC LFOs that modulate the phase of the original waveform's multiple reset points.This creates the illusion of multiple sawtooth waves stacked on top of each other, detuning them slightly. The Detune knob controls the strength of the unison effect, and the Timbre switch activates up to 7 LFOs to create a powerful, detuned Super Saw in the pure analog domain.

Legion's sub-oscillator is also octave-shiftable, and sawtooth, triangle, square, and PW waveforms all respond perfectly to thru-zero FM.