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WMD Crucible

¥39,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 36,273)
Realistic cymbal module with various expressions! The built-in resonator can also process external sounds.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 63mA @ + 12V, 17mA @ -12V
Manual Pdf (English)


Crucible is a realistic metallic sound module that uses a model that hits a single curved metal, such as a cymbal. All physics model parameters can be controlled with knobs and voltages, allowing you to smoothly transition between sounds like ride, crash, cowbell, sizzle, gong and gong. You can also create a variety of drum sequences and phrases with two types of triggers, chokes, and velocities. You can also add a sizzle-like sound. And the "Input" jack that is installed allows you to input any sound from the oscillator to the drum and process it with Crucible's metallic resonator, so it is also suitable for making drones.
  • Realistic cymbal sound
  • By combining two types of trigger inputs, the dot can be switched from cymbal edge (EDGE), center (MID), bell (EDGE + MID)
  • Switchable between 3 vibrating models of Cymbal, Cracked Cymbal, and Curved Plate
  • Pitch and size can be controlled separately
  • Selectable from 3 filter types and 3 envelope types
  • Equipped with choke input to grab and mute cymbals
  • Synthesis engine with digital filter and digital delay (sample not used)

Control and input / output

Crucible is a physical modeling synth that changes the tone by controlling how the cymbal is struck and the characteristics of the struck cymbal. The following parameters control the tone. Excite is the control of the vibrating body's cymbal, and Excite is the control of how the cymbal strikes.
  • Size (knob / CV): Controls the size of the cymbal. It also affects the decay
  • Pitch (Knob / CV): Controls the pitch of the sound
  • Decay (Knob / CV): Controls the length of the sound
  • Tone (Knob / CV): Controls the brightness of the sound
  • Excite (knob / CV): It changes the attack angle of the cymbal and affects the hardness of the attack sound.
  • Deform (Knob / CV): Controls the thickness of the cymbal
  • Modle: You can switch between 3 types: normal cymbal, broken cymbal, and cymbal with a hole in the middle.
  In addition to the CV jack corresponding to the above knob, Crucible has the following jacks. A wide variety of sounds can be produced by using a combination of trigger inputs and external inputs.
  • Input: This jack is used to input sound to the resonator that is the Crucible cymbal sound engine. You can take out a metallic drone by inputting a sound such as an oscillator. You can also experiment by inputting drums and speech. Knobs other than Excite affect the timbre of this process
  • Velocity: Enter velocity
  • Edge: Trigger input that strikes the edge of the cymbal
  • Mid: Trigger input to hit the middle of the cymbal. If you hit the trigger at the same time as the edge, it will become the trigger of the bell part, and you can use three types of hits by combining Edge and Mid.
  • Chalk: Holds the cymbal and mutes it while the gate is on
  • Out: Sound output jack


Audio input demo. I also input the sound of other drum modules such as Fracture and Chimera.