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The Verbos Multi-Delay Processor is a high-end effect that allows you to create a simple echo to a different dimension by using 8-tap delay, various input / output, pitch shift and reverb functions. The circuit is implemented digitally, but delay is realized by connecting the memory serially, boasting a particular sound quality that is completely different from the effect using a general-purpose chip (FV for reverb and pitch shift effects. Use -1). Also, by using an analog clock for the clock part, excellent sound quality has been achieved even with a delay time of the sub audio rate. Regarding the interface, although it uses a digital circuit, it has one knob, one function, no memory, etc., and maintains the same intuitive operability as an analog module.

This module is equipped with eight delay taps with delay time ratios of 1x, 2x, ..., 8x. The delay time is 8 milliseconds when the Delay Time knob (and CV) is x1, and the delay time can be controlled all at once by the Delay Time knob and CV. Since the delay time changes from 75,150,225,300,375,450,525,600 times to 0.1 times, the delay time of the 2st tap reaches the sub audio rate of 1 ms at the shortest. There are two Delay Time CV inputs, with Attenuverter. Like the classic analog BBD delay, the pitch also changes while the delay time is changing, giving it a unique sound character.

There are three audio inputs to the delay, all with gain control. By using the mixer in this input section,feedbackto hold. The middle input of the three inputs has an 3th tap shifted by one octave pitch, and the rightmost input has the 8th tap passed through the reverb signal internally. When the corresponding gain is increased, those signals feed back and repeat the delay,Pitch shift echo, reverb, shimmer reverbIt is possible to add a positive effect. The internal wiring of these inputs will be overwritten by the patch, so if you want to feed back the 5th tap, patch the audio output of the 5th tap to the 2nd or 3rd input. An interesting effect can be obtained by using an external pitch shifter, ring modulator, filter, or other effect in the feedback path. The amount of feedback can also be modulated through VCA. Raising the feedback will self-oscillate even without input, producing a unique sound.

The volume was controlled by the slider for each tapmanual mixBesides, take out the odd and even tapsEven / Odd TapsOutput and tap volume have a predetermined slopePreset MixesEquipped with output, easyStereo effectCan be produced. In addition to the feedback described above, the output of individual taps can be used for finer control by mixing or panning with a VCA mixer. Also for dry signals and individual tapsEnvelope followerBy using the output, you can extract rhythmic modulation signals related to delay.


Verbos Electronics --Multi Delay Processor-> Workshop at Schneidersladen from Herr Schneider on Vimeo.