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Toppobrillo Quantimator

End of production
A powerful and compact 3-output quantizer with all the thoughtful functions!
Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 40mm
Current: 30mA @ + 12V, 30mA @ -12V
English Manual (pdf)

Jacks & Knobs

Mode Switch

Switch between chord mode and scale mode.

Transpose Control

A knob and CV input that transposes the output pitch signal.You can transpose in the range of 12 semitones with the knob and 5 octaves with the CV.


Three jacks that output quantized pitch CV.The content of the output changes depending on the mode etc.

Bank Display

This is a display that displays the currently selected code or scale with "0" to "F" and "0." to "F.".Since there are 32 presets in the bank in both chord mode and scale mode, the "." On the right side is displayed at the latter 16 times.

The "." On the left side lights up in scale mode.

Chord / Scale Control

CV input with knob and attenuator to switch chords and scales.

Trigger input

If patched here, quantize will only occur the moment the trigger is entered.It also operates as a trigger input that advances the arpeggio or shift register by one step.

Quantize is always done when unpatched

Hold Input

If 1.5V or more is input, the signal input to In becomes invalid, and each time the three CV outputs are triggered, they rotate in the order of 3 → 1 → 2 → 3 → ....


Jack to input the pitch CV to be quantized

When you move the cursor to the screen, the role of each part is displayed in a pop-up.
* Toppobrillo's products are very few, but the faceplate may have scratches during production.


Quantimator is a quantizer module packed with many important functions in the compact size of 8HP. Use the MODE button to switch between chord mode and scale mode.

Code mode
The input CV is quantized to the nearest 12 scales, and the chord sound specified as the root is output from Outputs 1 to 3. If the Trig is patched, the quantize will only be updated when the trigger is entered. For 7 chord chords such as 4th chord, a chord composed of 5 notes with 3 degrees removed is output.

In code mode, if there is an input of 1.5V or more in the HOLD jackarpeggioThe mode is set, and the output is rotated in the order of 1 → 2 → 3 → 1 → ... by the trigger regardless of the input CV. Transpose and Chord controls are also updated only when triggered.

Scale mode
The input CV is quantized to the note closest to the scale on the set scale. If the Trig is patched, the quantize will be updated only when the trigger is input, and the output will shift from 1 to 2 to 3 at that time (Shift register).

If there is an input of 1.5V or more in HOLD during scale mode, the output from 3 will return to 1 and rotate regardless of the input CV.In arpeggio mode, the scales of the set chords are rotated, but the scales rotated in scale mode are different in that they are the three most recently quantized scales.

Also, only if the Trig input is not patched in scale mode, Output 3 will now output a trigger each time the quantized scale changes.This "Trigger on Quantize" _oヌゥ ・ go! ケ kjcfD ~ YSn_n ケ /! ~ Y-Pound / cf Mi U Whale Y

Code list
Xnumx major
1 major inv1
2 major inv2
3 augmented
4 augmented in v1
5 augmented in v2
6 6th
7 6th inv1
8 6th inv2
9 7th
a 7th in v1
b 7th in v2
c sus4
d sus4 inv
e sus4 aug5
f sus4 aug5 inv
1.sus4 inv6
2.sus4 inv6
4.m6th inv1
5.m6th inv2
6. mAug 5
7. mAug 5 inv1
8. mAug 5 inv2
a. minor inv1
b. minor inv2
d. diminished in v1
e. diminished in v2

Scale list
0 chromatic
1 ionian
2 dorian
3 lydians
4 Phrygian
5 aeolian
6 locrian
7 major pentatonic
8 minor pentatonic
9 mixolydian
a blues
d whole tone
e sixtone symmetrical
f spanish
0. algerian
1. barian
1. bali pelog
2. harmonic minor
3. zirafkend
4.spanish gypsy
6. egyptian
7. persian
8. enigmatic
d.inversions major
e. inversions minor
f. prism