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Tiptop Audio QuantiZer

End of production
Quantizer that creates a wide variety of sequences with rich functions and performance

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 43mm
Current: 60mA @ + 12V, 5mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)


QuantiZer is a quantizer with performance and many features in a compact size.
  • High precision AD converter with input range selectable from -0 to 10V, 0 to 5V, and -5 to + 5V
  • -High precision DA converter with 0-5V output range
  • --You can switch between the free running mode that instantly quantizes the input CV and the trigger mode that quantizes by triggering to Clock In (sample & hold).
  • -Sketchpad function for recording scales
  • -Equipped with SyncBus connector that enables data exchange and synchronization with other Tiptop devices
  • -Scale selection can also be controlled by CV
  • -Equipped with a slider that can control transpose and portamento
  • -Equipped with a keyboard button that can be used as a keyboard without changing the scale scale
  • -Major and minor scales can be selected immediately with the button
  • -24 user edited scales can be stored in memory
  • -Built-in USB port for updating

Basic operation

The keyboard button can be used not only for setting the scale but also for transposing and simple keyboard. Select how to use it by pressing the "KEYBOARD" button several times. You can also use the slider to perform many operations that are useful for performance. Select what you want to do by pressing the "SLIDER" button several times.

To use the scale of your choice, first press the S1 button, then one of the keyboard buttons. This means you have selected one of the 1 custom scales in the S12 bank. Then press the "Keyboard" button a few times and select "Scale Edit". In that state, use the keyboard button to select the scale you want to output. The scale to be output is displayed by the green LED, and the current scale is lit red.

Also, save the settings and the scale in the bank so that they remain even if the power is turned off. You can save by pressing the "KEYBOARD" button, selecting Input Range, and pressing the B keyboard button.

For detailed functions and setting options, refer to the relevant section.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over  

Recording function

QuantiZer has a recording function called Sketchpad. When you press the Record button and the LED lights red, recording is started. By manually pressing the keyboard button during recording, the scale will be recorded for each step according to the input clock. When recording is completed, press the Record button again and make the LED blink to play the recorded sequence. If you want to play the sequence from the beginning, use the Reset button or the Reset signal.

By connecting with SyncBus, it is also possible to record a sequence by associating it with a loop on Circadian Rhythms (CR). FirstmanualConnect CR and QuantiZer with SyncBus cable as shown in. Since synchronization is done with SyncBus, press the "KEYBOARD" button to select Input Range, and press the Eb keyboard button to set synchronization to SyncBus. Press the BOSS button twice on CR to make CR the master of QuantiZer. Set the loop with CR. Press the Record button to start recording and end it automatically. When the loop on the CR is played, the recorded sequence is also played. Since the sequence is recorded in association with the preset in the CR loop, when you play a certain preset on the CR, only the sequence corresponding to that preset in the loop can be played.