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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit (Silver)

¥21,400 (Tax excluded ¥ 19,455)
Classic starter kit! Then just install the module!


The classic Happy Ending Kit as a starter kit for Eurorack cases and power supplies !! With this one you can start your Eurorack modular synth. It can also be stored in a 1-inch rack (for 19 HP).

The structure of HEK is
  • Rails that will be the frame for mounting the module"Z-Rails 84HP (PAIR)"
  • Stop the two rails on the side so that you can place it on either the desktop or rack"Z-Ear Table Top (PAIR)"
  • And 4HP size power supply module that draws electricity from the AC adapter and sets up the voltage for the modular"uZeus"
  • uZeus can supply electricity to 10 modules"Flying Bus Board"
  • Adapter that can be used in Japan (uZeus adapter jack has a special diameter, so a connector will be attached)
It becomes.

uZeus' three blue LEDs indicate if uZeus is able to supply the 3V, -12V, 12V rails of the bus board. Make sure that these three LEDs light up when you turn on the power. For 5V, -3V and 12V, refer to the explanation here.

There are two things to note about modular power supplies.

Make sure that the amount of current does not exceed the limit value. If uZeus gets hot, even if you are not hitting the limit, review your configuration.
The maximum current that the module can draw is uZeus included in the Happy Ending Kit,
1000mA @ 12V
500mA @ -12V
170mA @ 5V
So,Make sure that the total current used by the module does not exceed the above upper limit for each voltage. If the modular is 84 HP 1 stage, it will hardly exceed the upper limit unless there is a digital module or a special vacuum tube module that draws a large amount of current from 5 V, but if you expand to 1 stages with one uZeus it becomes severe Please note that it may become.

Do not mistake the orientation of the ribbon cable that connects the module and the flying bus board.If you make a mistake, the module may be damaged and the warranty will be lost due to misuse of the power supply.

If you are new to the power supply, including how to easily know the current used, please read this section for connecting the power supply to the module.