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Synthesis Technology E950 Circuit Bent VCO

End of production
LPC speech synth oscillator that can simulate circuit bending and control voltage! There is also a mode that uses the E350 waveform.
Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 47mm
Current: 48mA @ + 12V, 10mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)
List of words to be spoken


E950 Circuit Bent VCOSpeech synthesisThis is a digital oscillator / sound source module centered on. Officially license the original voice and algorithm of Texas Instruments' famous LPC speech synthesizer to provide voltage-controlled speech synthesis.

In addition, the E950 includes a wavetable of 350 banks X2 waveforms selected from the E16, which can be used in addition to the speech mode.VCO mode that is a simplified version of E350But can be used as well. The SPEECH knob's VCO A / B bank will be in VCO mode, and turning it clockwise will be a bank in speech mode.

The Texas Instruments original LPC speech synth had a famous method of remodeling (circuit bending), but in the E950 it is in a normal state.Circuit bendYou can change states and even voltage control it. In addition, the circuit bend state of the E950 is stable and reproducible, unlike when it is actually modified.


The SPEECH knob's VCO A / B bank will be in VCO mode, and will operate as a wavetable oscillator using the waveform selected from the E350 (it will not be an LFO). The waveform in the bank is controlled by the EFFECT knob and CV (with attenuator). The transition of the waveform is very smooth. The DIGITAL output outputs digital noise with pitch adjustment as used in old video games.

Adjust the pitch with the upper two knobs. The pitch can be controlled by CV from two jacks, 2V / Oct and FM / INDEX (with attenuator). The SYNC jack is an input for oscillator sync and resets the waveform when the input voltage exceeds 1V.

There are two waveform banks:
VCO A:Tri / Saw / Pulse / Square / Tri + Sine / Tri + Square / Saw + Square / FWR Sine / Sine / 2nd-8th harmonics
VCO B: Male and female vocal formants


Banks 1-9 of the SPEECH knob will be in speech mode. At this time, when a voltage exceeding 0.25V is input to the SYNC input by a gate signal etc., the word speech starts and no sound is produced until then. If you trigger from SYNC before the pronunciation ends, the word will be spoken from the beginning again. The pronounced words are controlled by the FM / INDEX knob and CV ((with attenuator, 1V / 6 words).please use this form.Please refer to.

The PITCH knob and CV to 1V / Oct control the pitch. In speech mode, the 5V gate is output from the DIGITAL output during the speech.

EFFECT control
In the speech mode, the normal state and the circuit bend state can be changed smoothly. This control can be done with the EFFECT knob and the EFFECT CV input with attenuator. The EFFECT control works in two ways. On the left side from 2:12, the playback speed is controlled while in the normal state. The 10 o'clock position will be normal speed, and the left side will be slower. After 12 o'clock, the EFFECT control approaches the state of simulating circuit modification, and starts to read the words in the wrong order (the mistakes can be reproduced). The more you turn it to the right, the slower the playback. In the circuit bend state, not all words have a musically interesting effect, but that is one of the features of this module.