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The E352 is a high quality digital oscillator based on wavetables and with various synthesis modes. The functions have been expanded based on modes such as the wavetable of the E350, cloud mode of the E340, and 330-op FM of the E2, and a display has been added. It is also possible to use user waveforms.

The following settings are possible from the display
  • Setting: You can switch the synthesis modes listed below and make settings in each mode. For example, in the morphing mode, you can change the waveform bank (you can use the same 350 types of table banks as the E3 and 3 types of user banks), and adjust the smoothness (Glitch) when the waveform changes. Will be
  • Waves: Display the current waveform
  • Lissajous Waves: Display a 1D plot made from OUT2 and 2
  • Visual Displays: Visual Displays: In 2OP FM mode, useful information such as spectrum is displayed for each mode.
  • Eye Candy: Displays a small image that appears on a screen saver etc.
  • File: Used for loading user waveforms, etc.
  • Frequency-Quantize: Specifies whether or not the pitch is quantized to 12 scales.
  • Colors: Change the screen color scheme
  • patches: Saves, recalls, resets, etc. settings such as assignment of each parameter
  • Mode Help: Help for the current mode is output
  • About: You can monitor the firmware version and currently input CV value.

The outline of the model is as follows
  • MORPH: This mode creates a smooth morphing sound by crossfading the waveforms on adjacent wavetables. There are three waveform banks, A / B / C, and the banks can be switched from the setting. The 3 waveforms are stored in a virtual 64D grid of 8 x 8, and the waveform specified by X in the horizontal direction and Y in the vertical direction is output from OUT2. Z sweeps the square table in the order of (1) → (1,1) → (2,1) → (8,1) → (1,2) → ・ ・ ・ → (2,2), OUT 8,8 outputs a waveform completely independent of "XY OUT" (the pitch is common).
  • MORPH + PHS: OUT1 outputs the waveform specified by Z, and OUT2 outputs the same waveform with the phase shifted by X. The Y knob serves as an output attenuverter for OUT2, and a new waveform can be created by mixing with an external unity mixer.
  • MORPH + Wfld: The sound in which the waveform specified by Z passes through the wave folder is output from OUT1 and OUT2. X controls the folding of OUT1 and Y controls the folding of OUT2
  • Cloud: You can stack up to eight detuned oscillator waveforms like the E340. The waveform is selected from the wavetable by setting. X controls the detune amount, Y controls the chaos amount that makes the pitch unstable, and Z controls the chaos bandwidth.
  • Cloud + MorphSimilar to Cloud mode, but you can morph your waveform with Z control
  • 2Op FM: It will be a two-operator FM oscillator. Modulator frequency ratio, FM strength (index), waveform morphing, each controlled by X, Y, Z
  • Noise: It is a noise oscillator. X and Y control the type of digital noise from each output, and Z controls the filter resonance. Freq knobs control filter cutoff and more