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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 30K+ yen: Details

Strymon StarLab

¥82,115 (Tax excluded ¥ 74,650)
A Strymon-like sound station that can be used as a reverb, modulation, or car plus strong sound source.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 28HP
Depth: 41mm
Current: 210mA @ + 12V, 210mA @ -12V

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Strymon StarLab extends the sound of modular racks with a graceful reverb of extraordinary transparency.Polish your signals with brilliant choruses, flangers, and modulated delays, and create your own expressive synth voice with Karplus-Strong synthesis.Even a simple monaural audio signal can be used for a vast stereo soundscape.
The strongest sound station that can be reborn.

[Main features]

  • Three reverbs that create a variety of ambients with different textures
  • DELAY / KARPLUS with feedback
  • The delay can be assigned to the output and mod / verb & delay / verb can be obtained.
  • 4-octave Karplus-Strongs string synth mode with damping controls
  • Delay time, reverb size, tone filters modulation with different waveform LFO sections
  • High & low EQ in the FILTER section allows reverb and sound shaping in the DELAY / KARPLUS section
  • HARMONICS section emphasizes the auditory spectrum of reverb sounds
  • SHIMMER with +/- 1 octave pitch shifting to the reverb
  • GLIMMER that dynamically emphasizes harmonics
  • Pitch control of reverb content by adjusting space and reverb core size
  • Abundant CV control parameters
  • 4-pole 24dB / octave (1pole = 6dB) variable low-pass filter
  • Input signal sent to the reverb tank can be frozen with INFINITE
  • Access to 4 presets from the Pronto panel
  • Independent WET, DRY level control
  • By adopting a dry pass circuit that is not digitally converted
  • Pure dry signal with zero latency
  • Stereo input / output
  • 4 presets accessible from the front panel
  • USB jack for firmware update
  • Uses ultra-low noise, high-performance 24-bit 96kHz A / D & D / A converter to bring out uncompromising high-quality sound
  • Uses ultra-high performance ARM DSP
  • 32-bit floating operation processing

 Unusual modular reverb

From the perfect room ambient to the vast and inspiring nothing
To the limit of decay, StarLab extends to unparalleled depth and endlessness.
The peak of the reverb sound has been reached.Reverb process size /
Sound to the reverb signal with Shimmer while manipulating the pitch in real time
Add effortless intervals and blend harmonics with Glimmer
You can draw the spectrum.

Modulation & delay effect

StarLab modifies the pre-delay while outputting
You can send it.This allows signal processing via reverb.
Gorgeous choruses and flangers, beautiful modulat while doing
It is also possible to play a to delay.

Karplus-Strong String Synth

StarLab is not only a signal processing from the input, but also a powerful car plastic
With a strong string synth (synth voice module)
There is also.In addition to freely reproducing the bow and claw of strings,
String damping can also be reproduced dynamically.Itself
Emits a voice full of originality, enabling outstanding expression
It's a true instrument.

A creative station that can express intuition

From patch making to live performances, StarLab's powerful machine
Noh can be operated simply by operating nobs and buttons.
No complicated operation is required for the StarLab interface.
Designed to explore intuitive and practical sound sonics
I am.All functions and controls work together to make music smooth
Delivers a typical sound.