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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 30K+ yen: Details

Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole (Black and Gold)

¥53,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 49,000)
High-quality quad multi-mode filter capable of stereo processing!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 20HP
Depth: 23mm
Current: 150mA @ + 12V, 150mA @ -12V
Quick Start pdf (English)


Stereo Dipole is a VCF module that can process sound by combining four multi-mode filters. The Drive control installed in front of the filter allows you to create from clean tones to an overdrive sound with a wonderful vintage feel.The combination of the installed filters produces a stereo effect, complex fading, formant and acid. You can create various sounds such as bass.

Stereo Dipole has independent A and B channels, and each channel has 2 Pole (12 dB / Oct) multi-mode filters that can switch between high pass, band pass, and low pass (2 channels in total for 2 channels). It is installed. These two filters can process the input signal serially or in parallel, and the output can be taken from the Dipole-A / B jack (the signal after passing only one filter in each channel is from the Pole-A / B jack). You can take it out). The cutoff frequency of the second filter in the channel is determined by adding the frequency specified in SPREAD-A to the main cutoff (FREQ-A for CH A) frequency. SPREAD moves in the range of 4 and ± 2 octaves in the middle. For example, in CH A, the first filter is HP, the second is LP, and they are serially connected, and when SPREAD is set all the way to the right, a bandpass filter that passes the sound in the band in the range of about 1 octaves from FREQ-A. Will be.

In addition to using CH A / B independently, the mono signal is processed differently for both A / B, and by making each L / R a unique stereo effect can be easily created. I am. When not patched to the B input, the input signal to A will be routed to B as it is. It also has a Stereo Freq knob / jack and a Stereo Res knob / jack in the center that can control cutoff or resonance for both CH A and B simultaneously. These knobs and jacks are bipolar and add to the Freq / Res settings for each channel.

Each channel and stereo frequency, resonance control CVin jack is equipped with all attenuator / Attenuverter, V / Oct and Spread control without them can be controlled by temperature-compensated 1V / Oct.