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Metalloid is an experimental percussion/lead synth based on analog metallic noise generators and filters.Its synthesis engine operates at different frequencies3 analog oscillatorsIt is composed ofThese oscillators are ring modulated through two signal paths,Two unique and related metallic soundswill be generated and output.

To control the tonal diversity and frequency relationships of synthesized metallic noise, Variant, Tune, Meterial3 macro controlsis used and also includes tuning of the noise source.The sound is dominated by an anharmonic (i.e. metallic) timbre, but the combination of macros also provides a harmonically locked timbre.

The resulting waveform is rich in subtones and overtones, so twoState variable filterto carve, hide, and emphasize dense and diverse frequency components.Dynamics are managed by two envelope generators with voltage-controllable decay, providing independent VCF and VCA internal modulation.

Metalloid also allows for direct amplitude control through a dedicated VCA CV input.The trigger jack is set to the input trigger height.dynamically reactYou can use trigger height like velocity.Also, when either signal becomes active, the otherChalkYou can set it to

By setting the decay short and applying appropriate filtering, you canHi-hat/CymbalMetalloid can produce a much wider range of sounds than that.The combination of the Material control on the sound source section and the Variant control, which greatly affects the oscillator ratio, provides a wide range of variations, allowing you to explore a variety of sounds by combining filters and decay for each channel, as well as triggering and bending.



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