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Ultra-Perc (UP) is an analog percussion synthesizer that supports the synthesis of a wide variety of percussive sounds. UP is uniquesynth voiceThis allows the UP to be both a percussion module and a synth voice or signal processor for more complex sound design.

The UP also has the ability to combine output and external signals.External inputYou can also create more advanced percussion sounds by utilizing UP sequences and processing drone signals.Twin Peaks Resonant VCFIt can also be used as

  • Dual resonant core topology with multimode filtering and detuning
  • Dedicated dynamics controls for body and noise envelopes
  • Harmonics enhancement with built-in wave folder
  • Wide range FM decay envelope and bipolar FM attenuator
  • Control the trigger delay of the body with voltage
  • Multimode noise VCF
  • Noise trigger input independently triggers noise
  • Noise VCA CV input
  • Mixing with external inputs and processing of external signals
  • Ducking output derived from body amplitude
  • Almost all parameters can be voltage controlled
  • Full analog


UP isBODYNOISE, which consists of two signal generation sections. BODY and NOISE can be controlled independently or combined in various ways.Also, all functions except FM DEPTH support voltage control.



The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over

For external signal mixing and processingEXT INare available.This not only opens up percussion sound possibilities, but also allows the UP to be used as a dual-core multimode resonator, wavefolder and VCA.

Keep in mind that each control has a dual role when used as a processor.especiallyLENGTHaffects the applied resonance. A variable DC offset CV can be patched to the GAIN CV for more flexibility in controlling the resonance and sustain of the signal.

For example, if LENGTH is set to minimum,Resonance and BODY VCA envelope length are reduced.Sustain and decay are also limited,BODY BIAScan compensate for this reduction.This is fine for short duration effects, but sometimes you want a longer decay or full sustain in the processed signal combined with reduced resonance.GAIN CVA positive DC offset can be applied to the input to add enough gain for long decays and long sustains in the processed signal.