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Sensel Buchla Thunder Overlay for Morph

¥8,400 (Tax excluded ¥ 7,636)
Thunder Inspire Morph overlay in official collaboration with Buchla USA

This item isSense MorphIt is an overlay to be used on top of. Morph must be purchased separately for use

Overlay Bundle!

At the same time as the overlaySense MorphWhen you order1% off one overlayWill be. Discounts will be applied automatically. Morph and the second and subsequent cards will not be discounted. Cannot be used with coupons.


Buchla's Legendary MIDI Controller"ThunderWas inspired by the interface ofSense MorphuseIt is an overlay. Developed in official collaboration with Buchla USA. Thunder's interface, which has realized functions such as pressure-sensitive, multi-touch, control by pressing position etc. in MIDI far from MPE, isMPEIt is also ideal as a device.

Unlike other overlays, Thunder overlays allow you to assign individual pads.presetYou can save and recall 9 of them in the main body. The settings for each preset are fully customizable in the Sensel App, but by default each pad is assigned to a MIDI note in MPE, XYZ, etc. XYZ can use vertical, horizontal, and pressure information, but unlike MPE, it is assigned to CC etc. in the same channel. The buttons on the top correspond to the following functions

  • Octave shift
  • You can vibrato by pitch bend by rocking the keyboard left and right. This function can be turned ON/OFF with the upper button.
  • Enable/disable velocity
  • Preset button (top center). By holding down this button and pressing any of 1-9, the corresponding assignment preset will be recalled.
  • Transport related for play, stop, record, etc. Invokes a MIDI Machine Control (MMC) command. Loops have no corresponding MIDI command and can be assigned to MIDI notes. Set the assigned MIDI note to control the loop function of the corresponding device.

In the Thunder overlay, 1-4 presets have different scales for mappings that include MPE by default. CC mapping is assigned in 5 for slider and button functions, and 6-9 is normal MIDI (CH 1). These can be completely reassigned with the Sensel App.

When combined with an MPE-compatible soft synth, hard synth, or MIDI-CV/Gate conversion device, that information can be reflected in the tones (refer to the explanation of each device and software for the setting method). .

Mapping setting screen in Sensel App (Preset 1)

Mapping setting screen in Sensel App (Preset 7)