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Ritual Electronics Miasma

¥45,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 41,727)
VC distortion with 6 types of replaceable diodes for complex sound design and even self-oscillation using feedback

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 37mm
Current: 35mA @ + 12V, 30mA @ -12V

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Miasma is a voltage-controlled distortion with a self-oscillating feedback loop and replaceable rectifier diodes for endless sound design possibilities.

Miasma's feedback mechanism returns the distorted signal to the input without phase reversal, so self-oscillation is possible even when there is no input.This feedback path is also ideal for building complex feedback patches through external effects, and the blend control lets you adjust the signal balance to design complex and detailed sounds.

The module's clipping diode is mounted on the header for easy replacement.From germanium to LED, you can find your own sound with 6 different diodes included, or experiment with new diodes.The output level varies with the diodes used and can be adjusted with the Level trimmer accessed from the front panel. 

  • Gain control up to +20dB
  • Feedback VCA
  • Dry/Wet blend control
  • Equipped with Attenuverter for Gain and Feedback CV inputs
  • Level trimmer for output level adjustment
Technical characteristics
  • Implemented OTA-based VCA for Gain and Feedback controls
  • Normalization from Feedback output jack to Feedback input jack
  • Uses one rectifier diode per waveform polarity for symmetrical or asymmetrical distortion
  • Diodes can be replaced without tools




The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over


Miasma uses two diodes to rectify the signal.These diodes determine the timbre of the signal, and the Miasma offers a wide range of sounds by swapping them out.

Each diode creates a different shaped distortion.Asymmetric distortion is achieved by using one diode per waveform polarity.

Diodes affect the texture and pitch of distortion sounds and feedback.

Since the current consumption and voltage differ depending on the type of diode, the output level may increase or decrease depending on the configuration.

Miasma comes with the following 6 types of diodes.

  • 1N4148
  • 1N914
  • BAT42
  • 1N60
  • Blue LED
  • Red LED

You can also experiment with other things, such as what you have on hand.Be sure to install the diode to the header by following the steps below.Also, please note that failures caused by actions such as attaching anything other than a diode to the header are not covered by the warranty.

Diode installation

Be sure to disconnect Miasma from the power supply before replacing the diode.

Check the header where the diode is installed on the back board of Miasma.This header can be accessed without disassembling the module, but tweezers are recommended if working on the second board without removing it from the first.

fig.I & fig.II
Both of these are valid methods if you want to rectify both sides of the waveform.

Creates an asymmetrical distortion by using only one diode, rectifying only one side of the waveform (germanium diodes recommended for better sound absorption and preventing feedback when combined with other types of diodes) )