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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Random*Source Serge Variable Slope Filter (VCFS)

¥51,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 47,182)
Another Serge filter with variable slope and an input mixer

Format: Eurorack
Width: 14HP
Depth: 40mm
Current: 40mA @ + 12V, 40mA @ -12V, 0mA @ + 5V

To protect the original signal voltage range of Serge, the signal handled by Random * Source Serge is smaller than the standard Eurorack module, which is 5V at Peak to Peak.It is not as small as the line level, but when using it with other companies' products, pass it through a signal booster or attenuator as needed.


VCFS (Extended Variable Slope Filter) is a unique VC filter module that covers a wide range of acoustic characteristics in the Serge system.Whereas a typical VCF module provides CV control for the cutoff frequency, allowing you to control which frequencies pass through the filter, VCFS filters from faintly perceptible filtering to highly resonant and sharp cutoffs. You can control the amount dynamically. When the Variable Slope control is in the center position, VCFS behaves like a flat response VCF that can simultaneously obtain HP / BP / LP outputs.At this time, the cut-off slope is 12 dB / Oct.As the control increases towards the maximum, the filter resonance also increases and the cutoff changes sharply.

VCFS does not ping like VCFQ, but when setting the maximum value, it resonates sufficiently by extracting overtones from the input signal.When the control is at its minimum, the cutoff slope is reduced to 6 dB.This type of filter slope variation is known as an effective synthesis technique that corresponds to some of the sound transformations of acoustic instruments.The VCFS also has two signal inputs that can be manually mixed and crossfaded via the Mix knob.


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  • Red: Gate (ON: 5V)
  • White: 0V-5V unipolar signal (DC coupling)
  • Black: -2.5V to 2.5V bipolar signal (AC coupling)


About Serge
Serge Modular was originally developed as a system with different voltage and size from Eurorack, and now it is also Eurorack like this product, but there are also the following unique rules for jacks and voltage used. There is.

  • The voltage range used is smaller than a regular Eurorack module. In the case of an oscillator, the width of the upper and lower ends of a normal Eurorack is 10V (10Vpp), while that of Serge Euro is 4-6Vpp. The input to the filter is also designed according to the level, so when using with other companies' products, use a signal booster or attenuator as appropriate.
  • In Serge, the expected voltage for each jack is represented by a color.
    Red: Gate
    White: Unipolar (0V or more)
    Black: bipolar (assuming negative voltage as well as 0 V or more)
    In terms of signal speed, any jack will work at audio and CV rates, which is a feature of the Serge system.


Random * Source ? Serge Variable Slope VCFS for Euro