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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Random*Source Serge Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer with case and power (TKB)

¥419,000 (Tax excluded ¥380,909)
Legendary keyboard controller sequencer with touch plate

Format: Standalone CV / Gate Controller (4U module installed in powered case)

* There is dirt on the touch plate, especially on both sides (see the 4,5th and 16th image plates XNUMX), which is common to all units.
* Eurorack compatible for voltage.However, for the voltage range, refer to [About the voltage range] below.
* The jack is the same 3.5mm jack as the Eurorack.
* Since the module size is 4U, the module cannot be removed and mounted on the Eurorack.

[About voltage range]
To protect the original signal voltage range of Serge, the signal handled by Random * Source Serge is smaller than the standard Eurorack module, which is 5V at Peak to Peak.It is not as small as the line level, but when using it with other companies' products, pass it through a signal booster or attenuator as needed.


Serge TKB is the ultimate controller in the Serge system, a sequencer / programmer with a 16-step touch keyboard.

Compared to the original TKB up to that point, the Random * Source TKB adds the following features.
  • Glide function: When turned on with a switch, a lag (glide) that delays the CV change in column A can be applied.At this time, the amount of glide is controlled by the knob in row B.
  • Buffered gate output
  • Added LED to show vertical position
  • Vertical sequence reset input
  • KEY V output adjusted to increase by a semitone for each keyboard
  • Keyboard priority function
  • Improved sensitivity of touch keyboard and smoothness of pressure output change
  • With AC adapter that can be used in Japan


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over
  • Red: Gate (ON: 5V)
  • White: 0V-5V unipolar signal (DC coupling)
  • Black: -2.5V to 2.5V bipolar signal (AC coupling)