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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Random*Source Serge New Ring Modulator 2017 (RING)

¥46,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 42,636)
High-quality ring modulator with Serge 5th generation circuit

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: mm
Current: mA @ + 12V, mA @ -12V, 0mA @ + 5V
Manual pdf (English)

To protect the original signal voltage range of Serge, the signal handled by Random * Source Serge is smaller than the standard Eurorack module, which is 5V at Peak to Peak.It is not as small as the line level, but when using it with other companies' products, pass it through a signal booster or attenuator as needed.


The Serge New Ring Modulator is an improved version of the previous model (R2017) redesigned by Serge Tcherepnin in 9 and is one of the most sophisticated modules in the Serge system.The new model is a completely new design with significantly improved specifications.

Whereas traditional modulators tend to increase distortion at constant low signal levels, the new RING delivers a very clean sound even at extremely low signal levels.The versatility of this module has been enhanced by adding a manual for the entire spectrum of modulation and CV control, enabling from unmodulated original signals to amplitude modulation to full ring modulation for a wide variety of effects. Realized drawing.In addition, the manual carrier signal level and CV control capability also allow control of the output level.Further effects can be created by performing transformations of the carrier signal waveform through the carrier's internal signal processor.

When the module is set to full ring modulation mode with the CV or AM knob, the output signal contains the sum and difference of the SIGNAL and CARRIER inputs.If both inputs are pure sine waves (single frequency component), the output will be a composite signal consisting of the sum and difference of the SIGNAL and CARRIER inputs, and two frequency components.If the carrier level is higher than the center value, the carrier waveform will be slightly rounded and new frequency components will be generated.Each of these new components is further modulated with the SIGNAL input to produce the sum and difference of frequencies, enriching the overtones of the output signal.This effect is unique to Serge RING and provides a new dimension of Timbral Modification.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over


  • Red: Gate (ON: 5V)
  • White: 0V to 5V unipolar signal (DC coupling)
  • Black: -2.5V to 2.5V bipolar signal (AC coupling)

The Random * Source version of RING is newly designed under license and approval by Serge.


Random * Source · Serge Ring Demo


Random * Source · Serge Ring Modulator (New 2017 Version)