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Qu-bit Electronix Octone (Black)

End of production
Compact and ratchetable CV gate sequencer!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 40mm
Current: 141mA @ + 12V, 55mA @ -12V, mA @ + 5V
Manual pdf (English)


Octone is a compact 8-step CV / Gate sequencer. Choose from 6 different scalesQuantizerIt is suitable for melody programming. It also has standard functions such as external clock and reset input / button. It also has a gate output for each step, so it can be used for various purposes.

In OctoneRatchetingIt is also possible to perform steps while staying in one step for multiple clocks, and to sequence the gate while outputting it several times. It is also possible to chain two Octones. Read below about these features. Also easy Tutorial video.

Ratcheting and Tune Mode

To set ratcheting such as the number of clocks at each step, set the mode toggle switch in the upper right to the right (Tune mode) to program. In Tune mode, the sequence by the clock stops, and it becomes a simple keyboard whose gate is output by the reset button. You can change the number of ratchets (indicated by the number of lit buttons) by pressing a button, selecting a step, and turning the length knob.

Ratcheting can be disabled on a step-by-step basis. In that case, when it comes to the step where the ratchet is set for multiple clocks, the gate is output only once at the beginning, and the gate is not output for the remaining number of clocks. To disable / enable ratcheting, press the corresponding step button twice in Tune mode. The ratchet is valid when the Scale LED lights up briefly, and the ratchet is disabled when the Scale LED is pressed twice more, and the Scale LED glows longer.

The sequence that reflects the set ratchet runs by setting the mode toggle switch to the middle position. If you tilt it to the left, you can always play the normal sequence of 1 step 1 clock that does not reflect the ratchet.


Octone uses the supplied cable to connect twochaincan. In that case, it can be used as a 16-step sequencer. In that case, the second CV can output a CV that is the transposed version of the original CV output, so it can also be used to harmonize that CV. You can also save the sequence to 2 presets when chained.

* Be careful of the direction of the red stripe on the chain cable.


Our demo

Qu-bit demo