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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Mutable Instruments Tides mk2

End of production
Mutable unique loop envelope generator / LFO / oscillator!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 14HP
Depth: 25mm
Current: 50mA @ + 12V, 20mA @ -12V, 0 @ 5V

Manual (English)


Tides is based on the movement of rising → falling voltageVCO, LFO, envelopeIt is a multifunctional function generator that realizes such functions as. Not only a simple triangular signal that rises and falls linearly, but also a complex shaped signal can be created by controlling the attack time / decay time ratio, the unevenness of the curve, the smoothness, etc. with a knob or voltage. .

Mk2 related to each other4 outputsHas been upgraded and has been upgraded in terms of accuracy and audio quality. Also, all control jacks except 1V / Oct have Attenuverter.

The main features are as follows.
  • The middle button lets you choose between three modes: AD Envelope, Cycle (for LFOs and VCOs), ASR Envelope (3% sustain level).
  • The time range of the output signal can be selected from 3 buttons. The range of the Frequency knob in each mode is low (2 minutes to 2 Hz), medium (0.125 Hz to 32 Hz), high (8 Hz to 2 kHz).
  • It is possible to transform the waveform with three knobs for attack time and decay time ratio (SLOPE), curve unevenness (SHAPE), smoothness (SMOOTHNESS) and CV.
  • By patching to the external clock input, it is possible to synchronize the time it takes for the envelope to make a round with an integer multiple of the clock period, or an integer fraction (1/1 to x16).
  • The relationship between the four outputs can be switched with the button on the upper right. SHIFT / LEVEL knob / CV input has different roles depending on the output mode
    • Different waveforms:In addition to the original envelope, four types of triangle envelope, End of Attack gate, and End of Release gate that are not affected by SMOOTH etc. are output from each jack. SHIFT / LEVEL is the main output Attenuverter
    • Different height: Envelopes with the same shape but different sizes. SHIFT / LEVEL rotates while crossfading between outputs
    • Different phases: It outputs envelopes and oscillator signals that have the same waveform and the same frequency but different phases. SHIFT / LEVEL controls the phase shift
    • Different frequencies: Output signals with the same shape but different frequencies from the four jacks. Since each frequency is an integral multiple or a fraction of the basic frequency, each output has a harmonic relationship when used as a VCO (pure temperament). SHIFT / LEVEL controls the frequency ratio between each output