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Mutable Instruments Blades

End of production
Dual analog multi-mode filter with smooth routing switching, various CV controls, and wave folder

Format: Eurorack
Width: 18HP
Depth: 25mm
Current: 150mA @ + 12V, 140mA @ -12V
Manual (English)


Blades are dual multimode filters with CV controllable wave folding capabilities.The clean 12dB / oct multimode filter oscillates beautifully over the entire audio range. Blades filter characteristics are continuously variable between lowpass / bandpass / highpass, providing an intermediate shelving response for more delicate spectral synthesis.In addition, by installing a dual crossfader circuit that enables routing between two filters by knob operation, it can be used as a single unit, in parallel, or in series.ContinuouslyIt can be changed.

Overdrive circuit
  • CV controllable overdrive stage mounted in front of each filter
  • Overdrive response by potSoft clipping ~ Wave foldingAnd can be adjusted continuously.
Two multi-mode filters
  • Clean 2-pole (12dB / oct), continuously variable design
  • CV controllable filter characteristics.Continuous between low pass / band pass / high passVariable type
  • Filter cutoff and resonance with CV input with attenu barter
  • Equipped with 1V / Oct tracking CV input for each filter
  • Clean self-oscillation over the entire audio range, including infrasound with stable amplitude
  • Phase modulation during self-oscillation Modulation to filter response that produces the same effect
Routing potential
  • CV control is also possible for routing.It changes continuously from a single unit to parallel and series.
  • When patched to the audio input of filter 2, the routing control acts as a crossfader that mixes outputs 1 and 2 on the main output.
  • The shift button cuts off filter 2.Can be set relative to the cutoff of filter 1
  • Full analog circuitry based on the V2164 quad VCA chip
  • Frequency knob range: 8Hz-18kHz
  • Audio input impedance: 30k
  • DC coupled audio input
  • Filter mode CV input impedance: 50k
  • Impedance of other CV inputs: 100k
  • All CV inputs support audio rate modulation