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Beads is a reinvention of Clouds that envisions live granular processing of incoming audio signals, as indicated by the front panel label'Texture Synthesizer'.With a crisper and wider sound palette, more controls, better usability, and direct access to exciting new features, Beads' hardware and software have been redesigned from scratch.

The significantly improved specifications of Beads allow for higher audio quality, longer buffers, better interpolation and antialiasing algorithms, and faster execution of key DSP blocks.Granulation can enter new territories such as formants, wavetables, hard-sink-like sounds, or crispy noise.

  • Control: Various new features that trigger grain-including splitting and randomizing external clocks and trigger streams, grain bursts triggered by gate inputs, 1V / Oct CV or external oscillator frequency tracks, and more.
  • Chaos: Each key parameter of the grain is an individualAttenuatorEquipped with.This allows direct CV control of the parameters, CV control over the random spread of the parameters, or internal random control using some of Marbles' algorithms.
  • Character: Beads offers 4 levels of audio quality settings.these areIt affects not only the sample rate and bit depth of the buffer, but all parameters such as the converter clock, signal path amplitude limits and saturation, reverb timbre, and additional media emulation effects.Reproduce some of Clouds' characteristics through modes, from brand new digital devices to damaged cassettes.

Beads can act as a Delay without switching to another mode.At this time, the DENSITY, TIME, and SEED controls function as tap tempo, beat slicing, time stretching, or com filtering that allows 1V / Oct tracking. Beads has a built-in 8-bank wavetable that can be grained without an audio input.In addition, all parameters are equipped with dedicated operation knobs.Other features are as follows.

Acquire audio
  • Stereo input / output with automatic level detection function
  • The automatic level detection function can be reset manually
  • Automatic monaural / stereo switching by patch cable detection
  • Recording time: 4 seconds (48kHz 16-bit, Stereo) to 32 seconds (24kHz μ-law, Mono)
  • 4 audio quality modes with different tones and reverb characteristics
    • 48kHz 16-bit
    • 32kHz 12-bit with Clouds emulation
    • 24kHz 12-bit with a hi-fi dry signal path
    • 24kHz μ-law with cassette emulation
  • The FREEZE button and gate input freeze the contents of the recording buffer and give you access to sound details.
  • FREEZE buffer auto-save function
Granular synthesis

3 grain generation modes

  • Latched: Continues to trigger at a periodic or randomized rate. Rate can be controlled with 1V / Oct
  • Gated: Grain burst triggered by SEED button operation or external gate
  • Clocked: Uses a randomized or split external clock or trigger signal

4 grain parameters

  • TIME: Current position in the buffer
  • SIZE: 0.03 to 4 seconds grain playback time.Playback in forward or reverse direction is possible
  • SHAPE: Envelope that can morph the four waveforms of solid rectangle, quick decay, smooth bell shape, and inverted shape.
  • PITCH: Trackable at 1V / Oct

It is available in four parameters of the grain and is sampled each time the grain starts.

  • Direct CV control
  • CV control of Gaussian randomization amount
  • Internal randomization with independent, constant or peaked random sources
  • Controlling both the basic delay clock rate (DENSITY) and its multiplication (TIME) with an optional random tap
  • Tap tempo via SEED button or external signal
  • Pitch shift of delayed signal controlled by PITCH
Signal Flow
  • Feedback path delay: 1 sample 
  • Independent control knobs for feedback, dry / wet amount, and reverb amount
  • CV input that can be assigned to each of the above three parameters or a changeable combination
  • If there is no patch to output R, the signal will be added to output L
  • Gate signal can be generated at output R (optional)
  • All inputs: 100k impedance
  • Audio codecs: 24kHz, 32kHz or 48kHz, 24-bit
  • 16-bit CV capture
  • Processing speed: SEED and FREEZE input = audio rate, CV input = 4kHz
  • Latency: 0.25ms
  • CV input range: each grain parameter = ± 8V, DENSITY = ± 5V
  • Internal processing: 32-bit floating point