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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Mordax Data

¥67,900 (Tax excluded ¥61,727)
Multi-functional utility for Eurorack modular systems, from oscilloscopes and tuners to waveform generation, spectrum display and clock sources

Format: Eurorack
Width: 16HP
Depth: 35mm
Current: 100mA @ + 12V, 60mA @ -12V, 150mA @ + 5V (for jumper "System + 5V" on the back of the board) 
or 250mA @ + 12V, 60mA @ -12V ((in case of jumper "Locally produced" on the back of the board))
Manual PDF (English)

Color: Silver


Mordax Data is a multifunctional utility module for Eurorack modular systems.With the ability to test, measure, and generate signals, this is a modular toolkit for all styles of systems.By checking the CV and audio signal using an oscilloscope, you can gain a better understanding of the CV range, shape, and parameter response of your module.The dual waveform generator makes it easy to generate a precisely scaled LFO for CV control, or to easily create two chords in the "note mode" frequency.In clock mode, you can also generate a master clock and split or multiply the incoming clock signal.


Data is shipped with the firmware that has the following seven functions installed.Programs are constantly being improved and new programs are being developed.firmwareCan be easily updated via the microSD card on the side of the module.

The interface of this unit has a large display, four softkeys located at the top and bottom of the screen, menu buttons, a push encoder used for parameter selection and adjustment, a 4-channel input / output jack, and a copy of the input signal. It has a buffered output to output.

The operation method is very simple, click the softkey corresponding to the parameter you want to adjust to display the pop-up menu, and select or adjust / click with the encoder to confirm.The set channel position of the oscilloscope program, frequency value of the waveform output program, BPM of the clock output program, etc. are on the main unit.8 memory slotsYou can save it in and load it at any time.

4 Channel Oscilloscope
  • Monitor 4 independent CVs or audio channels
  • Selectable voltage scale, position, AC / DC coupling, and display on / off
  • You can also select the level Trigger can be applied in full scale from any channel
  • Time scale width of 50 μs to 5 seconds for each grid (total width of 600 μs to 1 minute when the signal passes through the screen)
  • With the X (time) and Y (voltage) measurement cursors that have a difference display function, it is possible to easily measure any input signal and display it in a window.
  • XY scope (Lissajous curve), and minimized display mode

* To access the secondary functions of the oscilloscope program, including the XY scope display, press and hold the menu button for about 2 seconds.

  • Accurately measure the frequencies of four incoming signals with an easy-to-read tuning screen
  • Graphically displays the distance from the nearest sound as a frequency value
  • Automatically detect the closest sound and update it during tuning
Voltage Monitor with Quad Voltage & Gate Source
  • 4-channel input display that can read voltage in real time, simple CV scope for low frequency signals
  • The 4-channel output can be used as a CV source (constant voltage from + 10V to -5V) or as a manual gate source with momentary / latch operation that can set high and low voltage values.
Dual Waveform Generator
  • Two independent digital oscillator channels with frequency, phase, amplitude, and waveform center offset controls 
  • Sine wave, square wave, sawtooth wave, and triangular wave can be used.Equipped with output waveform display for each channel
  • Frequency range from 4kHz to 0.01Hz.Digit-by-digit selection for quick and accurate input
  • Each oscillator can be independently selected with "note mode" frequency
  • CV control can be assigned to frequency (1V / Oct, 8 octaves or more) and amplitude (digital VCA, linear response) parameters
  • Flexible CV control routing: All four input jacks can be freely assigned to parameters.Equipped with percentage attenuation for each connection destination
  • Wave folding mode
Quad Clock Source with Clock Division, Multiplication and Offset
  • "External sync" or "internal clock" mode: Can be used as a precise and stable master clock or as a clock processor that synchronizes with an external clock source
  • Four clock outputs that can be set by the ratio of the main clock (internal or external). 4 types of div / mult values ​​from / 48 (12 bars) to x48 (128th note triplet) can be set, including fractional elements (example: x3 = dotted eighth note)
  • A beat shift offset of ± 96 steps (one quarter note in either direction) can be applied for each clock pulse.
  • Input jacks 1 and 2 can be configured as "external clock sync" and "reset" inputs in external sync mode and as "start / stop" and "reset" inputs in internal clock mode.
  • Input jacks 3 and 4 are user-assignable CV input sources that can be assigned to control the div / mult values ​​and offsets of the four output channels and allow you to choose an attenuation for each destination.
Spectral Analyzer (Single-FFT)
  • Shows the current harmonic content of any of the four input signals 
  • User-selectable filter screen display (  Square / None, Hann, Bartlett, Blackman-Harris
  • Display the frequency range of the first harmonic (fundamental frequency) of the signalPeak frequency display section
Spectrograph (Multi-FFT)
  • Shows the passage of time for the overtone components of any of the four input signals
  • Each column of pixels along the X axis corresponds to one frame in the Spectrum Analyzer display
  • User-selectable filter screen display  (   Square / None, Hann, Bartlett, Blackman-Harris
  • Screen clear and run / stop control 
Front Panel Reset

There is no need to reset the module during normal operation, but you can restart the unit by pressing the buttons on the front panel if necessary without turning off the power of the modular system.To do this, press the four corners of the softkey (both ends of the top row and both ends of the bottom row) at the same time.