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Modbap Per4mer is an effect module equipped with four performance effects of delay / reverb / glitch / tape stop equipped with a dedicated arcade button and two processing effects of color / compressor.The easy-to-use arcade buttons instantly embody inspiration for live performances.Each effect-specific set of parameters corresponds to manual operation with four knobs or CV control. The four effects can be triggered individually or simultaneously to generate creative and creative beats and melodies.

  • No clicks, 4 24mm mini arcade buttons
  • 4 manual knobs for manipulating parameters specific to each effect
  • 4 types of performance effects (Delay / Reverb / Glitch / Tape Stop)
  • Two types of processing effects (Color / Compressor)
  • 4 types of Color presets (Classic (12bit) / LoFi (8bit) / Saturation / Wax)
  • Side chain input
  • Sidechain detection (enable sidechain via sidechain CV input, clock input, or tap tempo)
  • External clock input
  • Tap tempo function
  • FX knob supports CV control
  • Gate input for triggering arcade buttons
  • Stereo input / output
  • Supports firmware update using micro USB port


Basic operation

The four main effects of Per4mer that use the arcade button are called performance effects.The basic operation of the arcade button of each effect is the same, and tapping it instantly launches the corresponding effect and puts it in the selected state.If you hold down the button, the effect will be active during that time, and if you tap while holding down the Shift button, the effect will be kept on (latch).The main parameters of the selected effect are controlled by the four FX knobs or an external CV.In addition, Per4mer has a gate input corresponding to each button, and these operations can also be CV controlled using the gate signal.

The four effects also have adjustable secondary parameters for the attack and release times of each envelope, which can be controlled by holding down the Shift button and turning the corresponding knobs (FX4 and FX2). ..

Per4mer also has two built-in effects for processing audio signals, Color and Compressor, which are called processing effects.Processing effects can be set and adjusted using a combination of a small button with an LED located at the bottom of the module, a Shift button, and an FX knob.Details can be found in the image map below and in the manual.

CV control for performance effect parameters

The input terminals labeled CV1 to CV4 at the bottom of the module correspond to the CV controls on the FX1 to FX4 parameter knobs, respectively. To enter "CV target mode" where you want to assign a CV, press and hold the Color button for at least 2 seconds.At this time, the arcade button to which the CV is assigned lights up, and the button without the assignment turns off.To select a new target, hold down Color and tap the arcade button, and to release it, tap it again to turn it off.When the assignment is complete, release the Color button to return to normal mode. To unlock all CV targets and reset them to factory defaults, press and hold the Shift and Tap buttons at the same time and watch all arcade buttons flash.

Compressor side chain settings

Apply a sidechain to the built-in compressor to create a ducking / pumping modulation. By tapping the Comp button while holding down the Shift button, you can select the source to be used for the side chain from the three sources of Audio Input / Side Chain CV Input / Clock Input.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over