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Michigan Synth Works SY0.5 (Natural) [USED:W1]

¥44,900 (Tax excluded ¥40,818)
Analog drum module with voltage control added to the famous Syncussion circuit

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 20mm
Current: 130mA @ + 12V, 20mA @ -12V
* This module can connect the -12V side of the power cable to either

Manual (English)

[This is a used product]
Warranty: 1 months
Accessories: Power cable, M3 screw


The SY0.5 is an analog drum module that reproduces the circuit of Pearl's famous drum synthesizer Syncussion 1 voice as faithfully as possible and adds the functions unique to modular. Sound that takes advantage of the snappy envelope and analog texture, various oscillator modes,Velocity function that dynamically responds to the size of the triggerIs a feature. And in addition to the pitch of the original machine,Decay and filter, oscillator mode CV controlWas added. The physical control by the slider is also alive, while changing to a compact specification.

The sound source part of SY0.5 consists of two analog VCOs and a noise oscillator. You can create various oscillator sounds by changing their routing and settings (oscillator mode). The mode is switched with the two buttons above.

Each mode is as follows
  • A-1 VCO mode: Sound using one VCO
  • B-FM mode: A metallic sound with one VCO rapidly modulating the frequency of the other VCO
  • C-2 VCO mode:Sound that mixes two VCOs
  • D-sweep mode:A mode with sweep added in addition to SWEEP control
  • FM mode with E-noise:FM sound mixed with noise. The sound is different from normal FM mode
  • F-noise mode:Noise oscillator only sound
Each control is as follows
  • Mode switch button: The oscillator mode changes each time the button is pressed. The mode can be CV controlled from the MODE input. Also, if you press and hold two switching buttons for 2 seconds, the role of MODE input will change, and it will become a gate input to sequence the modes one by one.
  • SWEEP: Modulates the pitch of the oscillator with an envelope different from VCA. Set the amount of modulation with the SWEEP slider, and adjust the decay speed of the envelope with the pot connected by a line. The switch next to it also switches the envelope direction between pitch up and down
  • TUNE: Controls the pitch and filter cutoff of the two VCOs. CV control is possible with PITCH input
  • DECAY: Adjusts the decay of the VCA envelope. CV control is possible from the DECAY input
  • WIDTH: Controls the filter cutoff. CV control is possible from FILTER input
  • LFOs: Adjust the LFO strength on the pitch with the slider, and adjust the LFO speed with the pot connected by a line. The switch on the left switches the LFO waveform between square and triangle.
  • S / H ON / OFF: When the switch in the middle is turned on, a random sample and hold signal synchronized with the speed of the LFO is applied to the pitch.