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Michigan Synth Works Chronovore

¥56,900 (Tax excluded ¥51,727)
A sequencer based on the famous TB-303, which is optimized for the Eurorack environment and has greatly expanded slide time.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 24HP
Depth: 25mm
Current: 65mA @ + 12V, 0mA @ -12V

Manufacturer site product page (English)
If you have one, please also refer to the actual 303 manual.

Color: Natural


Chronovore is a sequencer module created based on the TB-303.For the circuit faithfully reproduced using small and modern parts suitable for Eurorack, we adopted the CPU used in the actual machine, Pixie's U650, which is an emulation of NEC's D650C.
  • Accent, gate, CV output
  • Clock (24PPQN) input, run input
  • MIDI sync with MIDI input, start
  • Significantly adjustable slide time
  • Display digitally controlled banks / functions on the display


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over


The programming method of Chronovore is almost the same as that of the actual TB-303, but here we will introduce the basic programming method of this unit. Chronovore also advances the program one pattern (= 1 bar) at a time like the actual machine, and builds a track by combining the created patterns.Each pattern is made up of musical elements such as scales, note lengths, accents and slides.As with the actual machine, programming during pattern playback is not possible.

Initial Settings Initial Settings

Check the following 3 points and confirm that Chronovore is in the initial state.

  • NORMAL MODE LED lighting
  • 1~8 (White key of Key Switch), Either blinking
  • Lighting of either 100 or 200 SELECTOR SWITCH
Writing and Playing a Bassline

Scale input

  • Click the PATTERN button to enter Pattern WRITE mode (LED blinking)
  • Specify the program destination with the Group selector, A (100) button, B (200) button, and 1 to 8 SELECTOR SWITCH (white key of Key Switch).
  • To delete the selected pattern, hold down any Key Switch and press the CLEAR button.
  • Click the PITCH MODE button to enter the scale input standby state.
  • Use the Key switch to enter the scale.At this time, you can input the scale one octave up or down by pressing the DOWN or UP button while inputting.If you make a mistake, go back to the previous section and try again, or use the BACK button to go back to the previous input and overwrite the scale.
  • When you have finished inputting, press the FUNCTION button to return to NORMAL mode.
    * If you want to check the input scale, press the PITCH MODE button again and click the TAP button repeatedly to check the scale in the input order.You can also program accents and slides during this process.To enter an accent / slide at any step, hold down the TAP (NEXT) button and press A (ACCENT) or B (SLIDE).

Enter note length

  • Click the TIME MODE button to put the note length in the input standby state.
  • ●, ○,-, Enter the note length with the three button operations.A note / rest indicating the length of the note is labeled next to each symbol. ● corresponds to a 3th note, ○ corresponds to a 16th tie, and-corresponds to a 16th rest. Module does not sound during TIME MODE
  • After inputting one bar, the module automatically returns to NORMAL MODE.If you make a mistake, press the TIME MODE button again and try again.

Play pattern

The pattern created by clicking the RUN / STOP button is played repeatedly.

Writing into the Track

Here, we will introduce the basic procedure for constructing a track from the created pattern.

  • Click the TRACK button to enter Track Write mode (LED blinking)
  • Select any track number from 1 to 7 with the Bank selector
  • Press the Clear button. In Track Write mode, this operation returns you to the beginning of the track (the first bar).
  • When you press the Run / Stop button, the LED will light up and the written baseline of the first bar will start playing.For convenience, Track Writing is done with Chronovore running
  • Use the A and B buttons and the white key switch to select the pattern you want to write
  • Press the TAP (NEXT) button to write the pattern. As soon as writing to the first bar is confirmed, the module moves to the second bar and waits for writing to the second bar.If you want to change the pitch of the selected pattern and write it, you can do so by holding down the PITCH MODE button and pressing any Key Switch.You can also transpose the written pattern with the Key Switch.
  • Repeat the steps of selecting a pattern and writing with the TAP button
  • When you have finished selecting the pattern to write in the last bar of the track, press the CLEAR button.This will input DC (Da Capo) to the track
  • Press the RUN / STOP button to complete the writing

MIDI connection

To enable the MIDI function, hold down the FUNCTION button and click the CLEAR button to enter the setting mode.In the setting mode, the NORMAL MODE LED and the Key Switch LED turn off.In this state, click the TIME MODE button to switch the MIDI function on / off. The internal clock is accepted when the TIME MODE LED is lit, and MIDI information is accepted when the TIME MODE LED is off.