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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details


* When performing various controls on the Cold Mac, the signal may leak even if the Survey is turned all the way to the left, or the signal may be severely distorted due to excessive voltage, but this behavior is the specification of this product. Please purchase after understanding.

Cold Mac is a utility module that can perform various analog signal processing. The only manual control is the knob called Survey and the CV control for it. You can switch the function by patching.

Under Survey Control, you will find various signal processing sections provided by Cold Mac. In every section, the left column is the input, the middle column jack connected by a diagonal line is the CV control or the second input, and the right column connected by another line is the output. The "MAC" output at the bottom outputs a mix of 2 inputs. Survey Control controls various sections simultaneously by being internally connected to the input of each section. When patched to each jack, the internal connections from Survey to that jack are broken. For MAC output, Survey control also works as output gain. The role of each section is as follows.
  • VCA / PAN / CROSSFADE section: The first two steps are the VCA / PAN / CROSSFADE section. Panning occurs when a signal is input only to the LEFT input and both LEFT and RIGHT outputs are patched. When a signal is input to both LEFT / RIGHT, the output will be its crossfade.
  • Analog logic section: OR outputs the larger of the two inputs, AND outputs the smaller. Each OR input is internally connected to the next AND input.
  • Envelope follower section: When the audio is input to the leftmost, the envelope is output from the FOLLOW output, and the signal to which the negative voltage of the input signal is flipped to the positive side is output from the output on the right (full-wave rectification).
  • Crease section:Flip the center of the waveform (around 0) and the outside.