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Manhattan Analog DTM

¥16,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 15,364)
Moog CP3-based mixer module with analog magic. Can handle CV

Format: Eurorack
Width: 4HP
Depth: 37mm
Current: 12mA @ + 12V, 12mA @ -12V

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The Manhattan Analog DTM is a discerning mixer module designed with a discrete circuit based on the CP3 mixer used in Vintage Moog. Features and layouts make for a clean soundMIXIs similar to, but DTM is interestingClipping distortionIs known for.

The signal is passively mixed and then passes through its own clipping circuit, adding a unique musical distortion.Passive mixerTherefore, the input signals interfere with each other, and it has the effect of keeping the output level constant like compression (so unlike a highly accurate mix). As a result, when boosted to the maximumThe fundamental (bass) is emphasizedYou can get harmonic overtone distortion, and this effect is further enhanced by mixing the two detuned waveforms, producing the fat sound characteristic of Moog.

Also, as a unique characteristic of this mixer, Attenuverter is attached to the master,Difference in distortion between the plus side and the minus sidethere is. On the plus side, spikes added to the waveform at the 1 o'clock or 2:XNUMX knob position do not occur on the minus side, so if you want to obtain less distortion in the high end, turn it to the minus side and reverse it.

The original CP3 mixer is a module designed to mix oscillator waveforms, but it can handle any sound. AlsoCan handle CVSo, in addition to CV mixing and waveform modulation, it is also possible to mix sound and CV at the same time and use the clipping characteristic to modulate distortion.


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This mixer has magic! Here's (almost) sine wave sent into #manhattananalog DTM, Moog CP3-based mixer. Sound clips very nicely and thanks to its DC coupling nature, mixing CV allows you to shift the waveform before the clipping circuit, which results in modulation of clipping when sending LFO or other moving CVs. And last but not least, the sound changes depending on the polarity of the output. plus output for “bite”, minus for “buzziness”. 🙏 We're sorry for annoying click noise 🙏 It's not coming from the modules. Manhattan analog's Moog CP3-based mixer module DTM can turn even a sine wave into a nice distorted sound. Here, I input the sine wave output of DPO and increased the input. The sound is modulated by mixing the LFO from the middle and moving the sine wave up and down while clipping. Finally, the output is inverted to the negative side, but this way you can get a milder distortion. It is a module that is simple but full of analog magic. #eurorack #modularsynth #Eurorac #modular synth #sounddesign # cp3mixer #moog

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